Stationary Bike Weight Loss Before and After (Avoid The #1 Mistake)

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In Irene's before-and-after stationary bike weight loss photos, the left image shows her on a beach in a black one-piece swimsuit, revealing her thick thighs. In the right image, she's taking a mirror selfie in her bedroom, holding a mug, with noticeably thinner thighs and belly.

Starting a new routine can be invigorating and exciting, and at first, it may feel like nothing is standing in the way of your own stationary bike weight loss before and after transformation.12

However, when working toward this goal, avoid the #1 mistake of starting out too intensely to be sure burnout and fatigue don’t keep you from achieving the results you deserve. With this in mind, check out some others who have successfully slimmed down (like Irene in the image above) and explore how to create a plan that mitigates fatigue and potential plateaus!

Is a Stationary Bike Effective for Weight Loss?

The stationary bike, along with any other exercise that causes an increased heart rate, is a great option for weight loss. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, increasing physical activity to burn calories is a critical component in losing weight.1

Indoor cycling is a great option for many individuals looking for a new workout routine that is effective for weight loss because:

  • Riding a stationary bike is a low-impact exercise and will not cause extra stress to joints.
  • An indoor cycling routine is not affected by weather or outside conditions.
  • An exercise bicycle is an attainable piece of gym equipment at various price points that can be added to many people’s homes for convenience and easy access.
  • Depending on pace and resistance, someone weighing 185 pounds can burn roughly 300 calories while cycling for 30 minutes.2 

Stationary Bike Weight Loss Before and After Pictures of Body Transformations

Browsing through success stories of individuals who have undergone a before-and-after transformation through stationary bike weight loss is both inspiring and motivating.

Finding someone to relate to during a health journey is imperative in not feeling alone. Taking ideas from each person’s stories is the perfect way to piece together a routine that can fit anyone’s timeline and goals.

Success is attainable whether you are looking to achieve a broad, all-over change, such as learning how to get skinny fast, or a more specific objective, such as Peloton before and after legs.


In the before photo on the left, Vanessa, heavy-set woman, whose round stomach shape can be seen beneath her navy blue t-shirt is also wearing jeans and a white hat, is standing next to a man wearing jeans, a black sweater and a black hat but in her after picture on the right, the same woman is sitting at home on her Pelton bike wearing a pink tank top and gray leggings with a much flatter stomach, less flabby arms and an overall smaller physique.

Notice in her before picture her stomach is rounder and her belly rolls are bulging, her overall body is voluptuous but in her after picture as a result of biking her stomach appears flatter, less flabby arms and an overall thinner physique. Source: @lowcarbinmommainthescv on Instagram9

After being overweight for the majority of her life, Vanessa enrolled in an intensive liquid-based diet program and quickly lost 70 pounds. Unfortunately, soon after she finished, she gained back all of the weight along with 20 extra pounds.

While struggling through volunteering at a cycling fundraiser, she was frustrated at how much her weight was holding her back, at this point, she might have even thought “I will never lose weight.” She kept thinking of all the things she wasn’t able to do because of her size and decided, after finally making it through that event, that she was going to make some changes.

She started out by reducing soda and took part in a keto and fitness challenge, and while she did begin to see some weight loss, her lack of consistency was causing her to struggle. She inquired whether sitting after eating contributes to belly fat, and she concluded that a lack of movement overall was causing her weight gain. Instead of continuing to allow life to get in her way, she decided to purchase a stationary bike.

Slowly and steadily, Vanessa worked herself up to riding 6 days per week. She found that having the bike in her home allowed her not to have to plan for childcare or schedule time to work out. Instead, she could quickly change into workout clothes and complete her ride in less than an hour.

Pairing her cycling schedule with a low-carb diet and intermittent fasting helps her continuously lose and keep off weight. After 3 years, Vanessa successfully lost 94 and is still continuing to shed weight. Although she could have sped through weight loss with diet and exercise as she had in the past, she decided to make an effort to build healthy habits and a routine that can help her stay fit for the rest of her life.3


In both the before and after pictures of Sumit, he is seen standing in front of a book case, but in the before picture on the left he is wearing black shorts, his stomach shows a small amount of fat in the abdominal area and his chest is not very muscular but in his after picture, where he is wearing blue and red striped shorts, his abs are more visible and lean while his chest muscles are more defined.

It’s observable in his before picture how his stomach is slightly bloated and his chest is flabby but in his after picture his body is leaner, his stomach is flatter and his chest is more defined as a result of losing 20lbs from biking. Source: sumitsumit on Youtube10

As Sumit crept into his mid-thirties, he was becoming increasingly dissatisfied with the weight he had gained. Because he had a regular workout routine, he thought the 30 pounds he had put on was due to his age, but he decided to test his theory and challenge himself.

Before settling on a routine, Sumit did some research and found a study conducted by the National Weight Control Registry had concluded that individuals who had lost weight and maintained that loss had the following in common:

  • Exercising every day on at-home gym equipment, jogging, or walking. Ultimately, it was a workout that was easy to access.
  • Recording weight at least once per week to hold themselves accountable.
  • At breakfast to curb hunger and manage appetite throughout the day.4

So, taking into account the advice that he had learned, instead of randomly riding his exercise bike, he decided to embark on a virtual ride across the United States. His goal was to ride daily for a year and see where the journey took him.

He found the best time to exercise to lose belly fat was first thing in the morning so it wasn’t hanging over his head; plus, he didn’t use holidays or traveling as an excuse to skip a workout. Finding out that adding these workouts into his life increased his energy made it that much easier to stick to. He truly built riding into his routine and wanted to see where cycling 1 hour a day for weight loss would take him.

Sumit found that he greatly enjoyed riding on an indoor stationary bike instead of outside on an actual bike because he didn’t have to slow his pace due to traffic, never used hills as a chance to coast (and burn fewer calories), didn’t have an excuse not to ride because of weather, and he was able to pass the time by watching movies.

During one year’s time and after completing his 3,027-mile virtual trip across the United States, Sumit successfully saw that 30 pounds he had gained dropped off. His toned muscles emerged from under the layer of fat he had been so frustrated with. While averaging around .4 pounds per week might not seem like that much, Sumit was more than happy with his results and felt like his life had changed for the better.5


Irene is pictured on the left in her before photo wearing a yellow and blue floral top, which is a little tight in the stomach and chest area, and blue jeans with a round stomach and arms but in the right after photo, she is wearing a dark colored long sleeved top and pants where her physique is overall more slim and in shape.

It’s apparent in her after picture how her clothes are a little light due to her plump physique but in her after picture her body is much thinner after losing 56 lbs. Source: The Clark Perrys on Youtube11

Irene had been unsuccessfully trying to lose weight for years and her final straw was trying to take a selfie she was dissatisfied with every photo because of all the extra weight on her face. She began to fear for her health and decided that if the results from her doctor’s appointment came back with no underlying diseases causing her weight issues, she was ready to make some big changes.

She had seen other’s Peloton before and after weight loss results and was inspired but was not able to afford the bike herself. As a compromise, she and her husband decided to purchase a stationary bike, but utilize the Peloton app to take advantage of all the workout content.

Making some minor adjustments to her bike and casting the Peloton content on her television was the start of her journey. She wanted to ride most days, so she started with just 20 minutes. After getting through 20 minutes consistently, she increased her rides to 30 minutes per day and was extremely proud when he was able to make it through without stopping.

After gaining confidence from riding, she began to make some adjustments to her diet that corresponded to her new, healthier lifestyle, such as:

  • Eating less fast food
  • Removing soda from her diet
  • Add more fruits and vegetables to each meal
  • Implement intermittent fasting
  • Eat only when hungry
  • Choose foods that made her feel good

When Irene started working out, she thought she had to find the best Peloton class for weight loss, but in reality, she found out she just had to stay consistent. She made small goals, such as increasing rides to 45 minutes, focusing on health, and continuing to be a good example for her kids. 

Irene’s wake-up call started at 242 pounds and after a year had made it down to 186 with a goal to continue losing. Her stationary exercise bike weight loss before and after is impressive, but she has no plans to stop because she knows that she wants to be healthy for as long as she’s alive, so that means continuing to push herself into healthy habits.6

How Often Should I Cycle on a Stationary Exercise Bike to Lose Weight?

One thing you may have picked up from reading through the above stationary bike weight loss before and after stories is that each rider decided to avoid the mistake of starting out their routines too intensely. They wanted to make changes to their lifestyle that was sustainable instead of doing too much too soon which could lead to fatigue and burnout.

Instead of going all in at the beginning, research shows that making smaller changes to build habits that will last is what works best.7 When deciding on a weight loss routine, using some of these suggestions can lead to success:

  • Make your new behaviors clear and obvious – Set a timeframe and location for workouts.
  • Create a desire to perform your new routine – Pair something you want to do with what you have to do, such as listening to a new podcast while exercising or manifesting weight loss as you shower.
  • Simplify things – Layout workout clothes the night before, have a water bottle already filled in the fridge, and already have a routine chosen so you can begin a ride as soon as it is time.
  • Implement rewards – When successfully completing a workout for a certain amount of time, reward yourself to keep up the motivation. New workout clothes, trying out a healthy new recipe box, or celebrating with friends can help keep workout streaks alive.8

How Long Does it Take To See Weight Loss Results on a Stationary Bike?

Weight loss is dependent on how much of a calorie deficit is reached in a certain time frame. To lose 1 pound, you must achieve a 3,500 calorie deficit. This can either be done through diet, exercise, or a combination of both. 

If a 155-pound woman cycles for 30 minutes at a moderate pace, she will burn around 250 calories.2 If she cycles at this rate every day for 2 weeks, she can expect to lose 1 pound.

3500 calories in 1 pound \ 250 calories per day = 14 days 

Workout Schedule for Indoor Cycling & Stationary Bike Weight Loss Before-and-After Results

Since individuals vary in weight, gender, routines, and pace, the duration to achieve a before-and-after stationary bike weight loss may differ. However, the examples below can provide an estimate of what to anticipate.

Below is an estimated amount of calories burned if someone rides a stationary bike for 60-minutes at various body weights and intensities. 

Body WeightCalories Burned on Stationary Bike at a Moderate Pace (60 Minutes)
125 Pounds420
155 Pounds504
185 Pounds5882



Body WeightCalories Burned on Stationary Bike at an Intense Pace (60 Minutes)
125 Pounds630
155 Pounds756
185 Pounds8822


To put that into perspective, if someone cycles for 1 hour, five times a week it’d result in the following:

WeightCalories Burned Cycling 5x Per Week (60 Minutes at a Moderate Pace)
125 Pounds2,100
155 Pounds2,520
185 Pounds2,940


WeightCalories Burned Cycling 5x Per Week (60 Minutes Intensely)
125 Pounds3,150
155 Pounds3,780
185 Pounds4,410

At these rates of loss, regardless of whether you’re only cycling 2 days a week or 5, an 80 day Peloton before and after photo should begin showing how things have begun to change throughout your body. As time goes on, those changes will become more evident and your confidence will hopefully continue to grow!

How Much Weight Can Be Lost From Cycling on a Stationary Bike?

There really is no limit to the amount of weight that can be lost when utilizing a stationary bike. One issue you may encounter when cycling is a plateau, this is where you may see a slowdown or stall in weight loss.

While this is a common occurrence, it can be frustrating. Instead of getting worked up, consider looking at how long you’ve been dieting and striving for weight loss, because it may be time for a break! Diet fatigue and exhaustion from intense exercise can really begin to hinder efforts to reduce your waistline, leading to discouragement and even thoughts about giving up on weight loss.

Consider taking a break; this doesn’t mean binge eating and lazing around, but instead, try eating at maintenance level calories and move your body in lower impact ways such as walks. 

After 1 to 2 weeks, reevaluate how you are feeling. If excess hunger and exhaustion have decreased, it may be time to start back into a new rotation of diet and exercise and see if weight loss resumes.

Tips on How To Lose Weight on a Stationary Bike

A woman wearing tan colored sports top and leggings is riding on her stationary bike in a well-lit gym looking forward with a determined look on her face.

Source: nearkrasaesom via Canva.com12

As mentioned above, avoiding the #1 mistake while trying to lose weight when implementing a stationary bike routine is doing too much too soon. So, coming up with a plan to combat burnout along with additional tips for weight loss can keep you both motivated and consistent.

Start Small

As the saying goes, Rome wasn’t built in a day; we all may want to know how to lose inches off the waist overnight, but it took more than 1 month to gain weight, so it will likely take some time to lose the weight as well. However, don’t let this deter you! Even with small changes, such as cycling a couple of times a week, calories will be burned, your muscles will become stronger, and your energy will increase.

Little adjustments, when added up, lead to big changes and, before you know it, you’ll be able to tackle longer and harder workouts without feeling overwhelmed. 

Create a Schedule

Instead of working out at random times, think about scheduling workouts into your lifestyle like using a peloton workout schedule. Treat it like any other appointment you need to work around and then show up. The consistency of a schedule is an ideal way to see weight loss results.

Maintain a Calorie Deficit

You might be curious whether eating whatever you want is possible if you workout. Technically, the answer is yes, as long as you maintain a calorie deficit. However, working out while overeating can sabotage your exercise efforts and keep you from losing, and may even cause you to gain weight. 

Tracking Calories

Tracking calories will ensure that you aren’t consuming too much food; this can be done through a variety of apps. Some people may want to know which is best, Lose It vs MyFitnessPal, but in the end, whichever program works better with your lifestyle will be the right choice for you.


If you are wondering ways to maintain weight without counting calories, it may be worth looking into intermittent fasting. This is the practice of only eating within approved timeframes. Knowing the difference between alternate day fasting vs OMAD (one meal a day), along with other fasting styles can help you decide which might work best for you.

  • Alternate day fasting – Eating every other day
  • OMAD – Eating one meal per day
  • Time-restricted fasting – Fasting for a majority of the day with a timeframe of a few hours available to eat in

Working toward weight loss is an amazing goal that can lead to a fuller and happier life. Instead of diving in quickly and becoming burnt out, slowly build up good habits to last a lifetime and it will be possible for you to achieve your own stationary bike weight loss before and after the story.


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