80 Day Peloton Before and After Transformation (The Easy Way)

Weight Loss & Diets | Written by Nathan Petitpas | Updated on 10 April 2023

Kristin's before picture on the left shows her wearing pink pants and a black top that reveals her physique is that of an obese woman where her arms are flabby, stomach is round and her face shows discontent, while her 80 day Peloton before and after picture on the right shows her in yellow pants, a pink top that shows she lost 50 pounds and her arms are much leaner and her stomach pouch is completely gone.

An 80 day peloton before and after transformation may seem like an uphill battle, but in reality, there are easy ways to progress without torturing yourself or feeling like exercise is a chore.9

If you don’t believe us, the pictures and success stories above and below paint a picture that it’s possible with a little persistence.  

Sure, spending hours slaving away over the peloton will definitely provide results, but small lifestyle changes add up to leaps and strides steps in the right direction which will get anyone the body they crave.

But first, lets see if 80 days is enough to see results, take a look at others weight loss journeys, and then reveal how to make make an 80 day weight loss journey easier and more enjoyable. 

Is 80 Days Enough to See Results Using Peloton? How Long on Peloton for Results?

A successful cycling body transformation in female and male have seen clear results in as little as 30 days, so expecting results in 80 days is more than reasonable. According to research, consistent exercise, which includes utilizing a peloton bike, along with a healthy diet will lead to short-term and long-term changes such as weight loss and maintenance, increase in musculature, and a myriad of health benefits.1

How Long Does it Take to Lose Weight Using a Peloton?

If weight loss is a primary goal while using the peloton, it may be beneficial to use this Body Weight Planner hosted by the United States Department of Health and Human Services.2 It will not only help with determining total daily energy expenditure (TDEE), which is how many calories the body burns in a day through normal body processes, daily activity, and exercise, but it will also give a calorie deficit suggestion to reach weight loss goals.

To find TDEE on the Body Weight Planner, inputting no desired weight loss along with 0 exercises will help determine the number of calories needed to maintain weight.. A 30-years-old woman with an office job weighing 185 needs roughly 2,186 calories a day to maintain her weight.

Finding out TDEE is a great starting point when trying to calculate what weight loss results will be seen when using the peloton for 80 days. If the above woman with a TDEE of 2,186 calories per day decides to eat 2000 calories per day along with burning 200 calories per day on the peloton bike, this creates a deficit of 386 calories per day. 

386 calories per day x 80 days = 30,880 calories

30,880 calorie deficit / 3,500 calories in a pound = 8.8 pounds

After just 80 days, with the help of the Peloton, the woman above is able to shed nearly 9 pounds. These calculations, along with the Body Weight Planner can be used in any combination to find the calorie deficit needed to achieve the desired goals.

How Long Does it Take to Build Muscles Using a Peloton?

While using the peloton to reach weight loss milestones is fairly simple to calculate, gains in toning and building muscle are not as straightforward. Tracking workout progress will be the tool that helps prove changes are occurring. 

Peloton measures average output as well as total output. Total output is an ideal way to measure progress because it uses average output in its calculation.3

Average Output (watts)  x  Seconds per 1000 = Total Output (in kilojoules) 

Tracking total output for each Peloton class can show the strides that have been made in strength and endurance and results will likely show up as visual improvements in muscle tone and leanness.

The 80 Day Peloton Before and After Pictures of Successful Body Transformations

Learning about real people who have an 80 day peloton before and after success story can be the ultimate motivation. Not everyone is on the same journey or has the same starting point, but each person has their own goals and reason why they began this challenge.

Hearing advice from fellow riders along with seeing their struggles and successes can help followers find their own path to progress. 

Kristin’s Success Story: 80 Day Peloton Before and After

On the left, Kristin is holding her phone up as she takes a before picture in her mirror that shows her wearing a yellow t-shirt, and grey pants with a small belly and round legs, and her after picture on the right shows her in pink clothing, and in the same mirror but her stomach is completely flat and her thighs appear fitter too.

It’s noticeable how her body is plumper in the before picture but in her after picture her overall physique appears fitter and slimmer. Source: @serenescorpion on Instagram9

Kristin started her Peloton journey with the focus of losing weight. She had already altered her eating habits; and while not restricting calories, she did adopt a vegan lifestyle and began eating fewer carbs, but she was feeling the pull to increase her activity levels.

She began with a Peloton bike and began utilizing the app immediately. Early on in her workouts, Peloton introduced the ability to stack workouts, which allowed Kristin to customize her routines into blocks which included warm-ups, strength, cardio, etc. She utilized a mix of stretching, strength training, HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training), as well as walking.

When she began working out, Kristin was averaging 45 minutes per session, but eventually increased to one hour. She began feeling better and started looking at exercise as an essential daily routine instead of a chore.

Some important lessons Kristin learned in the midst of her workout journey were:

  • Be thankful for all the things that the body is capable of doing – While a workout might be hard if the body is able to do it, it is an amazing thing.
  • Don’t forget recovery days – Hard workouts are essential, but overtraining can lead to fatigue, injury, plateaus/declines, along with other issues that can cause setbacks.4
  • Find fun ways to change things up when in a slump – A new class on the app or a routine that is out of the ordinary may continue to motivate. 
  • Separate weight loss from exercise – Learn why the scale doesn’t matter. Focusing on health, strength, and consistency with workouts can help create a solid routine, and as a result, the body will see positive changes that will last.

While Kristin is not focused on the scale, her peloton before and after shows a great deal of weight loss. Not only that, she noted gains in strength and endurance along with a boost in mental health and self-love.5

Christina’s Body Transformation

Christina is taking a mirror selfie in both her before picture on the left and after picture on the right, but the before picture shows her stomach has a little fluff to it while in the after picture her abs are starting to show and she 's smiling as well.

Notice how in her before picture her stomach is slightly bloated but in her after picture her abs are starting to get noticeable. Source: Christina Marie on Youtube10

After the birth of her second child, Christina was trying to find out how to jump-start weight loss and get back into shape. She decided to combine her love of posting reviews and hauls on YouTube with her workout journey, which included purchasing and reviewing the Peloton bike.

In her 1-month exercise bike results video, she revealed that she wouldn’t be changing her diet and wanted to rely solely on her results from cycling and other workouts offered in the Peloton app. She aimed for 3 to 4 30 minutes workouts per week, and in the first month, she lost 2 pounds.

Having two children did prove challenging in regard to completing a workout. Christina’s solution to that was supplementing any workout she wasn’t able to finish with a short routine that didn’t include the bike.

Advice that Christina shares with her followers when struggling with a setback are:

  • Aim for partial workouts – Instead of constantly feeling overwhelmed by not having the motivation to do a full workout, set a mini goal and work toward completing partial workouts. The success of completing these workouts might catapult riders into longer rides.
  • Utilize the Peloton app – The app tracks progress and give a picture of overall progress including classes completed, total output, and personal records; all of which can serve as an encouragement to push forward.
  • Try something new – Sticking with the same routine can be boring and can cause burnout. Peloton has a myriad of cycling classes along with strength, yoga, walking, etc, that can all serve to reignite the desire to work out.
  • Splurge on new workout clothes – Whether using the purchase as a motivation or reward, a new workout wardrobe can help contribute to self-esteem and boost confidence to get back on the bike.
  • Focus on the positive – It is easy to dwell on the negative aspects of a fitness journey, but ignoring those in the midst of a setback and focusing on the successful aspects will be more helpful when trying to get back on track.
  • Consider not weighing in – While weighing in daily or weekly may have become a habit, explore the idea that it might be hindering instead of helping. Weight is a great tool to evaluate progress, but if it becomes an obsession or is detrimental, it might be better to use other metrics, such as before and after pictures and measurements.

After almost 3 months, Christina successfully lost 7 pounds, which is evident in her face and stomach, along with firming her upper abdominal area. While that may not seem like a massive difference in weight, she was thrilled with her 80 day Peloton before and after and felt slimmer and stronger.6

80 Day Peloton Before and After (Struggles & Solutions)

While Kristin and Christina both worked through struggles of their own, the Peloton community is full of people at different points in their quest for fitness and weight loss who also have excellent advice.7

1. Find the Right Instructor

Not every instructor will be a match for each rider, so keeping an open mind and sampling different rides, along with other workouts, will help in finding the best class for each individual. Some favorite instructors in the Peloton world are Cody Rigsby, Robin Arzon, and Emma Lovewell, but finding the Best Peloton class for weight loss is an individual journey and may take some trial and error.

2. Utilize the App

The app is where all the other classes are discovered. Strength training, walking routines, and core classes are all accessible and tracked through the Peloton app. Not only can you get results from cycling, but you can also end up with a 45-minute Full Body Bootcamp or Crush Your Core Peloton before and after photo.

3. Invest in a Gel Seat Cushion and a Portable Fan

It’s not a secret that exercising can cause discomfort, but not all pain must be endured. If the Peloton bike seat is an actual pain in the rear, many fans of the Peloton suggest purchasing a gel seat cushion to offer relief. 

Another benefit of owning the Peloton bike is it is located in the comfort of home. So, instead of sweating it out at the gym, placing a portable fan in front of the bike will be a great way to cool off.

4. Consider a Scenic Ride Instead of a Class

If most workouts are seeming too structured, consider tuning into a scenic ride instead. Not every cycling session has to be intense; if it’s a stressful day or a recovery is needed, choose a picturesque ride on the coast or through Yellowstone National Park.

5. Connect With Friends

Little is more inspiring than connecting (and competing) with friends. Using real-life connections in the Peloton app can help spur friendly competition as well as accountability. Also, tapping into the Peloton online community is a great motivational tool and is helpful when looking for quick tips and advice.

The Easy Way to Lose Weight With Peloton

It is clear that the Peloton can help produce amazing results, but an exercise routine for weight loss can be daunting. While grandma’s home remedies for weight loss can be helpful, to lose weight the easy way with the Peloton, making some small, simple changes to a daily diet can reduce the amount of cycling time needed to see results.

If the time and effort currently spent on exercise is not a problem, combining these easy tricks with a daily workout routine will further increase weight loss and produce a amazing 80 day Peloton before and after results

Cut Down on Sugar

Not only does adding sugar cause weight gain, but according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, it contributes to type II diabetes, heart disease, and obesity.8 While cutting down on sugar may seem overwhelming, simply trading a Coca-Cola for a Coke Zero or a sweet tea for unsweet tea sweetened with stevia can lead to a dramatic reduction in calories consumed per day.

While the question may come up, “Can I eat a donut and still lose weight?”, the answer is yes, as long as a calorie deficit is achieved, choosing sugary treats less often should create a faster path to weight loss goals.

Avoid Fast Food

Fast food has long been a topic of conflict among those in the dieting community. Although it is possible to stay in a calorie deficit when eating fast food, a majority of take-out options are filled with fat, sodium, and refined carbs. While these things are okay in moderation, removing them as a daily staple will help the scale decrease.

Drink Less Alcohol

Not only does alcohol contain many calories, but after a few drinks, self-control is typically lowered, and resisting junk food can be difficult. Instead of figuring out how to lose weight gained from alcohol, reducing consumption and having a plan can prevent weight gain in the first place.

  • Consider eating a healthy meal before meeting friends for drinks so bar food won’t be as tempting.
  • Swap calorie-laden drinks for something lighter,  such as a light beer of vodka and soda with lime.
  • Alternate an alcoholic beverage with water to ensure hydration.

Eliminate Refined Carbs

Refined carbs may be tasty at the moment, but they do little to satiate and can leave hunger and cravings in their wake. Consider choosing more complex carbs with meals and snacks, such as brown rice, whole wheat bread, and whole grain pasta. These choices don’t cause a spike in insulin due to their low glycemic index which results in fewer cravings and staying fuller for longer.

Ultimately, finding a sustainable way to make lifestyle changes is the ideal way to lose weight or increase strength and fitness; including these easy tricks in everyday routines along with cycling, the plan can help anyone achieve an 80 day Peloton before and after transformation.


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