Cycling Body Transformation (Female): Before and After (4 and 8 Weeks)

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A cycling body transformation female named Nikki who is wearing a black tank on the left while taking a mirror selfie, and on the right she's wearing a pink tank and in comparison to the picture of her on the left, she is substantially thinner in the tummy area.

To achieve a cycling body transformation, female physiques in particular definitely take dedication; the before and after results that are achieved in a short time can be the motivation needed to look into cycling as a new routine.

Those trying to transform their body typically invest considerable time working out; so using some of that effort to experiment with cycling could help with pushing past plateaus or attaining certain goals in just 4-8 weeks as seen in the before and after pictures below.

Before & After Pictures of Cycling Body Transformation (Females)

Regardless of whether this is a new transformation journey or a continuation, it is important to discover a way to achieve and maintain success within any routine. Cycling is a well-rounded, low-impact workout plan that burns fat, builds muscles, and enhances every one of the body’s systems in all genders, even though learning how to lose belly fat in 7-10 days for women is a little different than than cycling body transformations in males.1

Not only is cycling an impeccable way to transform the body, but it can also lead to camaraderie with like-minded individuals who share the same goals. Getting plugged into cycling while staying motivated with positive body changes and social encouragement could lead to unmatched success, as seen in the before and after pictures below.

Cycling Body Transformation: Female 1 – Nikki

After the birth of her second child and going through a traumatic event where someone close to her endured a stroke, Nikki decided it was time to dust off her Peloton and become one of the few cycling body transformation females. She had previous success with weight loss from cycling and wanted to see if she could get back into a good, healthy groove.

Nikki's before picture and mirror selfie on the left where she's overweight and on the right Nikki is taking a mirror selfie in the same mirror in her bedroom but her arms, stomach, and face or noticeably thinner since she lost weight.

On the left is before Nikki began riding her Peloton and on the right is after she lost an inspiring 32 pounds!10

A Peloton, or other at-home spin or stationary bike, gives a rider the advantage of workout from the comfort of their own home. Unlike a spin class or outdoor biking, a Peloton or Peloton-style bike could be a good option for those with more complicated scheduling needs.

Nikki, as a mother of two young children, took advantage of having equipment available in her home. She started with a 20-minute workout and, eventually, worked up to cycling 1 hour a day weight loss. Because she didn’t have to leave her house or schedule anyone to watch her daughters, she was able to fit in a workout whenever she could.

Combined with a mindful diet, Nikki began to cycle and shed pounds without having to go into any extremes such as a 1000 calorie deficit.10 Her 1 month exercise bike results shed off 16 pounds; two months in, she was down a total of 25 pounds. To increase results further, she combined a strength routine into her cycling schedule (which decreased to 5 times a week for 30 minutes) and after 3 months, saw a total weight loss of 32 pounds and a drop in clothing size.

In her before and after picture, it is easy to see the dramatic change cycling had on Nikki’s body evidenced by her impressive weight loss and toning of her stomach and arms. The continued physical results have been excellent motivation, but taking advantage of online forums for added encouragement as well as adding in 2 active rest days a week has helped her persevere.2

Cycling Body Transformation: Female 2 – Ava

When Ava moved to Thailand, she was ready to make a change to her body. She was tired of the fat she was holding onto around her midsection and diet alone wasn’t creating the modifications she was seeking.

A woman named Ava has a before picture on the left where she is wearing a black bikini and white tank top with only a moderate amount of fat, with an after picture of her on the right where her abs are seen, and legs appear much thinner.

It’s apparent that in her before picture, her hips are bloated and legs appear fatter but in the after picture her overall physique is much leaner, her abs are slightly showing, and her legs are thinner. Source: Wilbur Trudeau on Youtube11

Remembering back to age 13, she recalled the cycling trip through Austria she and her father had embarked on and disclosed that it was the last time she had biked any significant distance, but her move to a new country and the motivation to lose weight encouraged her to give cycling a second chance.

Ava started off strong and, after just 8 weeks, ended up averaging around 24 miles per day, or roughly 90 minutes of daily cycling. While this might seem intense, her desire to keep pushing increased due to seeing significant results in such a short amount of time with the help of biking every day and healthy eating habits.

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention website, someone weighing 154 pounds can burn between 435 and 885 calories while cycling at a moderate to intense pace.3 While Ava didn’t disclose her weight, assuming she burned 435 calories per cycling session would still mean she was burning at least 3,045 per week. It is clear, though, that regardless of how many calories were burned, her body has made a substantial shift.

Ava’s 8 week body transformation can be seen by a reduction of fat in her back and stomach, while her backside and thighs have subtly transformed shape to look more toned. Ava explains that cycling has caused the fat to melt off her body and has also noticed leaner arms, discernable cheekbones, and definition in her abs.

Cycling has gifted Ava with extreme happiness and it will be something that she continues to pursue. The ability it gives her to explore and observe nature while feeling and looking her best is unmatched.4

Cycling Body Transformation: Female 3 – Keltie

Keltie decided to give SoulCycle, an indoor cycling class, a chance during her fitness journey to see what changes would result after 30 days. She was already familiar with cycling but wanted to give herself a late summer body challenge to see how a structured routine would benefit her.

Keltie is wearing a black and blue bikini on the left and on the right, she's wearing all black and appears thinner in both her stomach and arms.

Notice her stomach is slightly bloated in the before picture but in the after picture her stomach is leaner and her waist is curvier. Source: Keltie O’Connor on Youtube12

A typical SoulCycle class, which costs between $25 and $30, starts with warming up, then progresses to higher-intensity sprints and uphill climbs. Next, resistance bands or light weights are added to the workout; the class is then concluded with a finishing cardio segment and stretching at the end. This is all intertwined with upbeat songs during the cardio portions and calming and meditative music during the slower resistance portion of the class.5

During Keltie’s 30-day SoulCycle journey, she committed to 2 days per week. During her 45 – 60 minute classes, she tracked that she burned an average of 250 to 450 calories. In addition to the cycling classes, she focused on clean eating habits to ensure the most was made from her fitness journey.

Things that motivated Keltie along the way were scheduling class ahead of time, going with a friend, or meeting up with peers she met while cycling, and the added emotional benefits she received from the endorphin rush she credited to the mixture of music, exercise, and atmosphere.

At the conclusion of her trial, although she didn’t lose any weight, it is clear that she gained noticeable definition in her stomach as well as her thighs. She felt as though she had a significant reduction in bloating and inflammation and just, overall, felt leaner.6

How Long Does it Take for a Woman to See a Body Transformation From Cycling

There is a wide range of factors that affect how quickly the female cycling body will begin to see changes. The following factors will affect how quickly calories are burned and the speed at which muscle toning and building will occur in cycling body transformation females.

  • Starting weight: Weight has a big influence on the number of calories burned not only at rest, but especially when exercising. The Wisconsin Department of Health Services provides a table of activities, including bicycling, that have a corresponding number of calories burned. The difference in calories burned between a cyclist weighing 130 pounds versus 190 pounds could be anywhere between 100 and 400 calories.7
  • Athletic ability: If a motivated first-timer moves from complacency to cycling, it is likely that results will be seen at a faster pace than a well-versed athlete taking on biking. This is due to the fact the individual who has not been routinely working out will expend significantly more energy than the fit cycler.
  • Age: Studies show that as women get older, hormones change and metabolism slows. This can affect how the body holds onto weight as well as reduce the number of calories burned in a day.8 A female body transformation after 40 is still possible, though, it just may take some increased effort.
  • Cycling Pace: Regardless of stature or prior ability, a faster biking speed, as opposed to a more leisurely pace, will burn calories at a faster rate, which can change the timing of when differences in the physique will be noticed.
  • Resistance: Regardless of utilizing an indoor stationary bike or an outdoor bike, resistance plays a big role in toning muscles. Not only does a higher resistance (created by increasing the resistance on the indoor bike or by utilizing outdoor terrain and elevation changes) act as strength training, but it also contributes to burning calories.

Taking the above into account, if starting cycling as a beginning fitness routine or while overweight, physical results, such as weight loss, might be noticed in as little as 1 week, but it may take up to 4 to 8 weeks to see substantial changes. 

For those who are well accustomed to working out, it may take a bit more time to see visible changes. As a cyclist, female body improvements in the form of toned arms, legs, and abs typically begin to take shape at 1 month but will progress as routines continue.

Does Cycling Change Females Body Shapes? Afraid of Cycling Legs?

When exploring cycling body transformation, female hesitation might center around ending up with large and bulky leg muscles. While it is logical to assume that cyclists will end up with giant quads of steel, it is important to remember that bulking up in women is typically very difficult. 

Research has found that because women have less testosterone, muscle mass and strength are, on average, less in females in comparison to men. Lower testosterone, along with other hormones, make gaining excessive muscle not as likely.9

Taking a closer look at the body types of popular female athletes may help put the mind at ease when it comes to having legs that are too bulky. Few people train harder than Olympic skier Lindsey Vonn and World Cup soccer player Alex Morgan, and while they have toned, muscular legs, neither of these women’s bodies have masculine features.

If cycling becomes a routine, it is almost guaranteed that the body will change; however, it will most likely be in the form of weight loss or becoming lean instead of bulking up.

Examples of Female Cyclist Physiques 

The way a cyclist trains is the biggest determining factor in how their body will take shape and if they’ll become a cycling body transformation female. Just like in running, a sprinter’s legs are vastly different from long-distance runners due to how intensely the muscles are trained; the same can be said for cycling.

If potential female cyclists have a penchant for larger muscle growth when following different styles of workouts, which is uncommon, they could have similar results while biking. It may, however, be beneficial to experiment with different cycling styles, which may help keep legs slimmer. 

Long-distance or ultra-endurance bikers will likely have slimmer, sleeker physiques due to less resistance and extended workouts which burn large amounts of calories. Below is a photo of Juliana Buhring, a female ultra-endurance biker, who is slim with toned muscles but none of the bulk; her legs look very similar to distance runners’ legs.

A young cyclist woman wearing a purple windbreaker jacket, black leggings and shoes, with black helmet on, is riding a bike with a view of the mountainside in the background.

Source: nullplus via Canva.com13

For those not training at professional athlete levels but might still worry about putting on too much muscle, consider Olivia Amata (pictured below), who runs the best Peloton class for weight loss still rocking a lean and slim physique. Even as someone who is constantly cycling due to her career, she maintains a figure that isn’t bulky.

Does Cycling Only Tone a Woman’s Legs? How Does Cycling Transform Your Body?

Cycling is not just for toning legs, it is a well-rounded, full-body transformative exercise. When routinely cycling, body fat percentage will be reduced, revealing muscles that have been strengthened and toned throughout the biking process.

A woman with long hair, wearing a neon yellow tank top and white pants working out using a stationary bike in a studio with white walls.

Source: Vitalij Sova via Canva.com14

Specific adaptations can help define and change different parts of the body:

  • Arms and Shoulders: Downhill cycling forces muscles in the arms and shoulders to work to steer and maintain balance at a faster speed.
  • Core Stomach, Sides, and Back: Mountain biking engages all the core muscles to ensure stability while riding on uneven terrain.
  • Full Body: Indoor cycling utilizes the full body through a mix of cardio and resistance routines that work the entire muscular system.

If considering cycling as an addendum to an already established routine or a new workout venture, it might be worthwhile to explore. Ultimately, when deciding to begin a cycling body transformation, female physiques will benefit from weight loss, strength building, enhanced muscle tone, and a myriad of additional health benefits that will likely result in longer and happier life.


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