Cycling 1 Hour a Day Weight Loss (Easy Method to Lose Weight Fast)

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Three men on a backcountry road are chatting about their journey, cycling an hour each day for weight loss.

Cycling 1 hour a day weight loss seems too good to be true, but it’s actually an easy method to lose weight fast, especially compared to other traditional methods.15

Plus, cycling is a fun activity suitable for people ranging from toddlers to seniors and it may be motivating to understand how quickly one can see results from cycling, how many calories are burned and to know there are even cycling challenges that can be incorporated for lasting success.

Weight Loss Benefits of Biking 1 Hour Every Day

Biking an hour a day to lose weight is ideal for several reasons, one being it’s easy to do, unlike many weight loss techniques such as dieting and intense exercises.

While there’s nothing wrong with keeping track of calories, carbs, and other macros and micros, it takes up a lot of time, and it can put someone’s health at risk if they leave out essential food groups or starve themselves.

When it comes to intense exercises, just the thought of getting up to lift weights or jog outside makes some people cringe due to the hard work involved in these activities.

Riding a bike doesn’t require much effort or adherence to a specific meal plan. Biking is good for weight loss since all an individual needs to do is pedal and take in the scenery as they ride, so it feels less like a chore and more of a pleasant experience. In addition, it’s a low-impact sport, which decreases the risk of getting severely injured.

Riders may enjoy cycling so much that they may forget they’re exercising. It can also promote a strong immune system as proven by a university study.

The Appalachian State University once carried out a trial to examine the link between frequent exercise and health. The researchers discovered that people who engaged in aerobic exercises most days per week reduced their chances of getting sick by 40 percent.1

Another study, recorded in the Archive of Internal Medicine, demonstrates that biking can be just as good for weight loss as brisk walking. Between 1989 and 2005, 18,414 women completed a mail-in survey containing questions about physical and sedentary activities.

The questionnaire responses showed that the participants lost more weight cycling and brisk walking than slow walking. And, this occurred during a 30-minute period. The women in the study likely would have experienced significant weight loss if they cycled for twice as long.

Additionally, cycling for an hour each day not only helps with weight loss but also promotes leaner muscle mass by burning calories.2 This leads to the question of the number of calories a person burns per hour while cycling.

How Many Calories Does Cycling Burn in an Hour?

Knowing the number of calories burned cycling can benefit everyone, particularly those aiming to reach specific weight loss goals. Nevertheless, the number of calories a cyclist burns each hour depends on their speed, weight, and intensity if there’s an incline or decline.

A woman is on the left pedaling a bicycle outdoors, wearing a green shirt, and wearing a helmet while her friend is cycling next to her wearing a purple tank top.

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For example, someone riding their bicycle at a slow or medium pace can expect to burn 300 calories an hour; cycling at a lightning-fast rate can burn 600 or more per hour.3

Weight is another factor that affects calories burned while cycling, too. To extrapolate, a person weighing 125 pounds riding at a speed of 12 to 14 miles per hour burns 480 calories, and a 155-pound individual burns 596 cycling at the same rate.

This will obviously increase if the cyclist is going up a hill or decrease if they’re going downhill.

Anyone interested in keeping tabs on calories burned per hour can use a calorie calculator website like ExRx or an app.4

How Fast Will I Lose Weight Cycling 1 Hour a Day?

If someone wants to lose weight quickly in 2 weeks, they’d be glad to know that they’ll see changes quickly from cycling an hour per day. After all, an hour is what many people can only spare due to possessing busy schedules.

For instance, an individual can expect to lose about one to two pounds per week riding their bike, especially when riding at a fast speed.5 Others – primarily those new to daily cycling – can see weight changes in approximately two to three weeks.6

Which Activity Results in the Most Calories Burned Cycling: Normal Bikes vs Stationary Bikes?

Just like any other cycle, a stationary bike has its place as some individuals prefer cycling indoors to biking outside. The University of Nebraska at Omaha once conducted an experiment to see which activity burns the most calories.

Researchers observed 12 cyclists who biked indoors and outdoors. The cyclists exerted the same amount of effort during the outdoor 40-kilometer and indoor lab studies. At the end of the trials, the scientists noticed that the cyclists possessed higher pulse rates and exerted more effort outside than in the laboratory. To put it another way, someone produces 25 percent less power in a gym than on a paved path or sidewalk.7

Even though it’s scientifically proven that riding regular bikes burns more calories than using stationary bikes, some individuals may be reluctant to give up indoor cycling. Fortunately, they can still burn a sufficient amount of calories with a stationary bike.

How to Burn More Calories With a Stationary Bike

If an individual wants to get skinny fast, they would be pleased to know that stationary cycling can provide 1 month exercise bike results that will boost confidence like never before.

People can burn between 40 and 80 calories by riding a stationary bike for only 10 minutes or 240 to 480 per hour. While that doesn’t burn as many calories per hour as high-energy outdoor biking, it’s a solid amount for a day’s work. To burn more calories, someone can incorporate HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) into their daily exercises.8

How Many Hours a Day Should I Ride to Get Slim?

Most of this article highlighted the benefits of cycling for an hour a day for weight loss, but you don’t have to restrict yourself to just an hour of daily cycling. They’re free to engage in cycling 7 days a week for two hours each day if they wish.

A man is pedaling a road bike out in the country hills with green grass behind him and he's wearing a black and white sports tank top.

Source: torwai via Canva.com14

Nonetheless, an individual shouldn’t push themselves to exhaustion. Just as little as 30 minutes a day is ideal since it abides by WHO’s (World Health Organization) recommendation of 150 to 300 minutes of moderate-energy exercise.9

Tips on Biking: Losing Weight with Daily One-Hour Rides

Now that people understand the benefits of cycling for an hour a day for weight loss, the next step is to incorporate it into their daily routines. Below are three ways people can make cycling a daily habit:

  • Use a bike as a mode of transportation: If someone works outside their home (and their workplace is within a feasible biking distance), they can get a break from riding the bus or driving and cycle to work. Integrating cycling into their work commute isn’t just good for a person’s health; it cuts down on air pollution. An individual can take baby steps by cycling 8 hours a week and gradually work their way up. They can also ride their bike to the grocery store if they’re used to driving or placing online delivery orders.
  • Make cycling a family activity: Those with children can set a good example by encouraging cycling in their family. While there’s nothing wrong with playing video games or watching TV shows from time to time, it becomes a problem if kids don’t have enough active hobbies. Leading an inactive lifestyle can contribute to high blood pressure, weight gain, and cancer. Plus, about 20 percent of kids in the U.S. are overweight or obese. Families can limit their screen time and cycle through their neighborhoods or any multi-use rail trails around the city. Depending on their ages, kids can ride their bicycles to school with their friends.
  • Work out on a stationary bike: Anyone whose stationary bike has been collecting dust lately can consider using it again. Taking up indoor cycling for 1 hour a day for weight loss allows a person to exercise in the comfort of their home. (And this comes in handy during bad weather days.) In fact, a study cited by Redfame Publishing shows that indoor cycling for at least three days at 30-to-60-minute intervals can decrease body fat which leads to cycling body transformations in males and females. Someone can go further by cycling 1 hour a day for 30 days. An individual doesn’t have to ride alone, either. They can enroll in a spin class at their local gym for the social scene. Sometimes, friends and acquaintances can serve as the best motivators for hitting fitness goals.

Consider Participating in a Daily One-Hour Cycling Challenge for Weight Loss

It’s good for an individual to cycle around their neighborhood or bike to the local park. However, participating in a cycling challenge can make their bike rides intense and interesting. Here’s a list of cycling challenges people can consider:

  • Sign up for a race: Signing up for a bike race is a great way for someone to take their cycling to the next level. This allows a racer to compete with themselves as well as other cyclists. And even if they don’t win a trophy, they may gain the satisfaction of putting their workouts to good use. A person can join any bike races occurring in their local city or sign up for one like RAGBRAI (Register’s Annual Great Annual Bicycle Ride Across Iowa).
  • Cycle across the country: Bicycling across America (or any other country) doesn’t just burn calories; it saves someone from spending money on plane or train tickets. Some routes cyclists can travel include Bike Nonstop US, TransAmerica Bike Route, and the Great American Rail Trail. They can even create original routes to sightsee the country in their own ways.10
  • Go to a velodrome: Also known as track cycling, riding in a velodrome lets cyclists shed pounds while ameliorating their skills. Once they complete some safety courses, an individual can train for two types of races: endurance or sprint. An endurance race focuses on a person’s speed and capacity, and a sprint race tests their technique and strength.11
  • Create a personal challenge: A person isn’t required to join a race to participate in a cycling challenge. They can come up with their own 30-day weight loss challenge to do at home, and the app Race at Your Pace makes it possible. It offers virtual bike challenges that someone can complete on their regular or stationary bike.12
  • Get a peloton: Peloton has all types of personal and group challenges to engage with that can make riding more fun and interactive which is actually the main determining factor for those curious what the best Peloton class for weight loss is.

Overall, cycling for one hour a day is effective for weight loss, and this applies to both traditional and stationary bikes. It’s a simple, low-impact activity that’s entertaining and burns calories. So, the next time you feel bored and crave a change, think about the myriad benefits that cycling for an hour a day can offer for weight loss.


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