1 Month Exercise Bike Results: Cycling Body Transformation (With Pics)

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A woman is pedaling on a stationary bike with a brick wall behind her, a pink tank top on, and her hands resting on the bike handles hoping she gets 1 month exercise bike results and curious about how it'll transform her body.

Stories and pictures of 1 month exercise bike results help to motivate and inspire new cyclists because they provide proof that it’s possible in addition to offering insight into their routines, supplements (such as detox juice) and hardships. 

It’s just the same as when a friend or family member achieves a cycling body transformation and others around them want it for themselves. Rest assured, cycling can help you learn how to jump start weight loss, burn fat, build muscle, and get in excellent shape. 

Whether riders use a Peloton in their own home, hit up a spin class at their gym, or get outside for a real-life ride, hopping onto the saddle can change your health and fitness routine for the better. And once you start, it’s all downhill from there. 

What Type of Results Can I Expect From 1 Month of Using an Exercise Bike? 

Cycling’s potential for weight loss success was documented in a 2018 study from the Journal of Education and Training Studies, which saw women who cycled for 30-60 minutes three days a week get tremendous results after a six-week training program.

Participants who were overweight or obese by the World Health Organization’s (WHO) standards decreased their weight enough to be considered normal or overweight, respectively — after only using the exercise bike for 1 hour a day maximum 3x a week. While the study participants saw these results after six weeks of cycling, most riders will see some promising results after one month even without ice hacks (which can help expedite fat loss).

First things first: cycling can help you lose weight because moving more and burning calories is a key factor in all weight loss solutions, and an hour on the exercise bike can help you burn over 600 calories (depending on your weight).1

More interested in toning muscle than burning fat? Cycling can help you reach those goals, too.

Uses muscles like your glutes, abs, and even your biceps and triceps.2 A 20-minute bike workout can engage much of your body, which can lead to better muscle tone after a month of consistent riding. 

This also includes cycling bum before and after transformation if you want to make your butt bigger.

Despite the fact that cycling engages so many muscle groups, it is a less “stressful” or low-impact form of exercise. This means that the workout is easier on your joints than something like weight lifting or running. This is a huge benefit for anyone who is older, out of shape, or recovering from an injury, as they can still exercise without risking further damage to their body.

Many fitness enthusiasts can even cycle safely after a sports hernia (and if you’re wondering, “What is a sports hernia,” count yourself lucky)!3

Finally, riding an exercise bike can help you improve your overall health which may not all be aesthetic results, but are results or benefits nonetheless. There is a vast body of research on the many wellness benefits of bicycling, including the following:

  • Lower risk of disease: The British Medical Journal reported in 2017 that regular cycling (commuting to work) was associated with a lower risk of cardiovascular disease, cancer, and general mortality by more than 40%. Additionally, research on cyclists aged 55-79 revealed that their bodies produced as many T-cells (the cells that help with immune response) as the average 20-year-old.4 This research suggests that regular cycling can literally help your body stay healthier.   
  • Lower cholesterol: Hitting the exercise bike could help many cyclists lower their cholesterol, which is vital to reduce the risk of heart attack and other cardiovascular diseases. According to a research review published in Medicina, studies have found that regular cycling can lower your cholesterol up to 12.5% (depending on your baseline cholesterol levels).  
  • Improved lung health: Because cycling is a form of cardio, most men and women find themselves huffing and puffing during a ride. This is a great thing, and it may help improve the health of your lungs. According to researchers, it only takes 175-250 minutes each week — on the low end, that’s less than 30 minutes every day — to see significant improvements in your lung health.5
  • Better hand-eye coordination: When a cyclist is on the bike, she or she has to use hand-eye coordination to maintain balance and stay upright. Research shows that riding a bike regularly can help train this cognitive ability and improve balance (though it’s worth noting that most research is on outdoor cycling, like mountain biking or road cycling). A 2015 study in the Journal of Physical Therapy Science did find that stationary bicycles were an effective tool to help stroke patients regain balance. 
  • Better mental health: Like most exercises, cycling releases endorphins that can help improve your mental state. One study in PLOS One found that participants who were asked to complete a health survey before and after eight weeks of regular cycling rated their mental health as higher after completing the study.   

While much of this research followed participants who cycled for six weeks or longer, it is clear that 1 month of cycling results provides overall results that are beneficial for life.

Peloton 1 Month Exercise Bike Results (Before & After Weight Loss Pictures) 

One of the most popular stationary bikes of the 2020s is the Peloton. Many people have experienced weight loss success with this bike and have gone online to share their Peloton results.

For example, blogger Nikki lost 16 pounds in her first month of cycling with Peloton. It is clear in the above photo that her time on the bike helped her shed extra pounds around her hips and stomach.

Nikki's before picture is on the left in a black tank top, taking a mirror selfie in her bedroom with her hair in a ponytail, and to the right is her after picture where she's wearing a white tank top, green shorts, in the same mirror, but has much thinner arms and looks more confident.

It’s noticeable how she’s fatter in her before picture but in her after picture, losing 32 pounds, she looks much slimmer.12

This Peloton rider (also named Nick) developed visible abs after only five weeks of cycling. According to Nick, he only spent about three hours each week on his bike — which shows how successful your cycling weight loss journey can be.

Before & After Spin Class Results (Stationary Bike Body Transformation)

While some people may prefer the convenience of an at-home workout on the Peloton, others prefer to head to the gym for a spin class. And just like the Peloton, many people are proudly showing off their 1 month cycling class results online.

Keltie's before picture is on the left, where she is wearing black leggings and a grey long sleeve shirt, and her after picture is on the right, where she has a noticeably larger thigh gap and looks more slender in her waist too.

It’s apparent in her after picture the noticeable larger thigh gap and her waist looks slenderer compared to her before picture. Source: Keltie O’Connor13

For example, Youtuber Keltie O’Connor shared her results after taking Soul Cycle classes for 1 month. After 30 days of spin class, she said she felt that there was less inflammation in her legs, stomach, and arms. The point is, to notice the further separation between her legs on day 30. 

Another Youtuber, Sven Vee showed off his 1 month cycling results in a 2021 video. However, it is important to note that Vee’s 1 month exercise bike results are from more extreme exercise than the average rider; Vee rode his bike every single day for the month, and he averaged two hours of cycling a day.6

Sven's before picture on the left where he appears skinny, but is abs are not visible and has no definition, while his after picture on the right has abs that are apparent leaner-looking arms, and his facial expression is happier too.

It’s noticeable how in his before picture he looks bloated and has more body fat but in his after picture his overall physique is much leaner and his abs and muscles are more visible. Source: Svan Vee on Youtube14

Which Type of Cycling Will Provide the Best Results? Peloton, Road, Mountain, Spin Classes?

The many benefits of cycling make it a common choice for folks who want to get in shape — particularly if they want to learn how to lose weight fast for men or women. Cycling also offers a variety of options for people who want to work out at home (Peloton), exercise in a group (spin classes), or even explore the great outdoors (road or mountain biking). 

But which cycling routine will yield the best 1 month exercise bike results? Let’s explore the benefits of each: 

  • Peloton: When riding a Peloton, cyclists can adjust their bike for greater resistance and a more intense workout. They can take classes on their schedule, as classes are available online. They even have the freedom to take breaks when necessary; after all, they’re at home, and no one will judge them if they need a breather. This can help newbie riders build their stamina comfortably, which will ultimately lead to better results in the long run. 
  • Spin classes: Many people prefer to exercise as a social activity. They sign up for classes with friends, and maybe go out together after working up a sweat. Those kinds of riders will likely see better results from a spin class. Spin classes offer many of the same benefits of Peloton (adjustable resistance, comforts like A/C and accessible water, etc.), but classes take place in a very different setting. At a spin class, riders might be inspired to push themselves because they’re surrounded by other people giving it their all. 
  • Road cycling: As we discussed earlier, cycling works for many muscle groups at once, from your legs all the way up to your biceps. However, it is important to note that real biking tends to engage your muscles even more because you have to balance the bike and maneuver around road obstacles.7
  • Mountain biking: Mountain biking combines fitness, nature, and adrenaline in all the best ways for adventure-seeking cyclists. This type of biking engages even more muscle (especially in the arms) than road cycling, and it allows riders to commune with nature during their time in the saddle. Of course, there are some potential disadvantages to cycling on the mountainside (you have to remember to pack water, for example, and you’re at the mercy of the weather and elements), but with the right preparation mounting biking can be a great workout.  

Riders who are primarily concerned with burning calories will want to focus their energy on road cycling or mountain biking. According to research from Harvard Medical School, a 155-pound person can burn between 372 and 446 calories biking outdoors for 30 minutes (depending on their speed, the terrain, and other factors). In contrast, the same 55-pound person riding the stationary bicycle for the same amount of time would burn between 260 and 391 calories.8

All kinds of cycling will deliver excellent results, and ultimately the best workout for you is the one you enjoy the most. 

Riders who want convenience and flexibility from their workout will love the Peloton. 

Social butterflies will thrive in a spin class environment. 

Folks focused on building muscle may want to take their rides on the road, and nature lovers will get the greatest benefit from mountain biking. 

Just find the activity that keeps you interested and you’ll be more likely to stick with it and see results.     

How Many Times a Week Should I Use an Exercise Bike For Results in 1 Month? 

With a bicycle (like all exercise equipment), results depend largely on the time and effort you put into them. Someone doing a 5-minute bike workout can’t expect to have the same 1 month exercise bike results as someone who rides the exercise bike 5 miles a day!

However, beginners can see results from their biking after one month just by riding three to four days a week9

How Much Time Should I Spend on an Exercise Bike or Spin Class for 1 Month Exercise Bike Results?

Riding an exercise bike 3-4 times a week is enough for most beginners to see results. But of course, results will vary based on the speed and intensity of a ride, as well as the rider’s fitness level. 

For some riders, a 20-minute bike workout is a plenty to increase their heart rate and burn fat. Others may need to up their routine and get on the exercise bike 1 hour every day before they see results. 

Generally, most biking experts encourage riding for at least 30 minutes to see the best results.10 Remember, this doesn’t mean you have to ride 30 minutes every day. But a 30-minute bike ride can burn around 300 calories (depending on your age, weight, and workout intensity) so riding 3-4 days a week can help your body burn some of the calories it needs to lose a pound a week

Cyclists who want to ride their bikes every day can do so, as long as they adjust the intensity and length of their workouts. For example, cyclists who opt for a moderate pace can get away with using their exercise bike for 15 minutes a day. Folks who want to maximize their efforts by riding their exercise bike for one hour may want to limit their rides to 2-3 times weekly. 

Full Month Exercise Bike Routine to Be Used Weekly for Best Results

What does an ideal exercise bike routine look like? The best routine for cycling is one that switches up the workout to yield different benefits. No matter if you’re attending a spin class, riding on your Peloton, or hitting the streets in your town, integrate a cardio ride, a muscle-building ride, and an intense ride that boosts fat burn into your schedule. 

A little like this:11


  • Time: 60 minutes (beginners can start with 20 or 30 minutes and work their way up)
  • Intensity:
    • Moderate pace (still able to hold a conversation)
    • Flat surface or low resistance
  • Benefits: Cardio workout that builds endurance


  • Time: 60 minutes (beginners can start with 20 or 30 minutes and work their way up)
  • Intensity:
    • Hard pace
    • Hilly location (or adjust resistance throughout the ride)
  • Benefits: Builds muscle throughout the body


  • Time: 60 minutes (beginners can start with 20 or 30 minutes and work their way up)
  • Intensity:
    • High-intensity interval training (HIIT)
    • Vary between full intensity and rest periods
  • Benefits: Increases calorie burn (even after the workout ends)

The routine above can be effective for any type of cycling, whether you’re working out at home, at the gym, or in the great outdoors. Mix up your workouts by trying different routes, taking classes from different instructors, or simply changing up your playlist for each ride. 

Just remember to listen to your body and rest when you need it because overtraining can lead to injury, and you won’t see any results if you’re too hurt to exercise. An exercise bike is a great tool for slimming down and toning your body. If you’ve tried everything and said time and again, “I will never lose weight,” give the bike another go and try incorporating fat burning juice alongside consistent effort. With the right routine and hard work, you’ll be impressed by your 1 month exercise bike results.


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