31 Weight Loss Solutions (Researched & Proven Weight Loss Methods)

Weight Loss & Diets | Written by Nathan Petitpas | Updated on 24 January 2022

A man is jump roping, drinking water, sleeping and consuming green tea to show weight loss solutions come in many forms.

The key to losing weight is to implement effective weight loss solutions that can work into your lifestyle. However, one must expermient with several different solutions to achieve results and see what works for them. So in this article, we discuss some of the most researched and proven methods to try out.

1. Reduce Your Added Sugar Intake

Sugar is found in lots of foods naturally, like fruits, vegetables, and dairy. The key to fat loss is to reduce your added sugar intake found in foods like cookies, candy, and soda.

Sugar is found in many refined carbs, and they should be avoided if you have any intention of reaching your weight loss goals. Sugar can cause an increase in blood sugar levels, cravings, and the development of heart disease and diabetes.

2. Drink More Water

Water is essential to your survival, and it can also help you eat less.

There is a significant association between hydration and weight loss. When you are well-hydrated, your body will burn more calories to keep the fluids in the body where they need to be.

Water consumption can also reduce your appetite before meals and lead to lower calories consumption. This will only help improve your weight loss journey.

3. Eat Lots of Fiber

Fiber is another weight-loss hack that can help you trim some fat and get in better shape.

A 2015 study suggests that 30 grams of fiber per day will help you lose more weight, lower blood pressure levels, and improve the body’s response to increased insulin levels [1].

4. Try Intermittent Fasting

Intermittent fasting is a popular weight-loss plan that sets a specific fasting and eating schedule to be followed. It gives you a limited eating window to stack your meals and a longer fasting period.

This fasting technique has been shown to provide fat loss benefits by increasing discipline and reducing total calorie intake.

5. Drink Green Tea

Green tea is a popular beverage that has been proven to work for losing weight. It can help you stay healthy because of the caffeine and catechins in the ingredients. Both of these will give your metabolism a boost to promote fat burning.

The antioxidants from green tea also help to maintain a healthy body and prevent disease. You can expect to burn up to 100 calories per day just by drinking green tea as part of your regular routine.

6. Count Your Calories

Counting your calories is one of the best weight loss solutions. it is a basic strategy, but knowing your caloric intake can help you lose or maintain weight.

The key is to create a daily caloric deficit that will help with your weight loss. Counting calories and food intake allows you to make adjustments and incorporate healthier options.

It is difficult to succeed with weight loss if you are eating too many calories, so this is an important step that should be used for most people.

7. Improve Sleep

Sleep affects our health in many ways, and it also matters for weight loss too. Lack of sleep will lower your energy levels, forcing your body to stop cutting fat, and this is because that fat is an energy source that the body believes it will need.

When you are properly rested, you have more energy, and your hormone levels are operating at the right levels. This allows your metabolism to increase to assist with fat burning.

Sleep will also help stabilize your appetite. When we are not rested enough, we tend to snack or eat more because our body is looking for more energy.

8. Try Cardio Exercises

Cardio exercises are great for fat and weight loss. Cardio tends to elevate your heart rate and can help burn fat quickly.

When you are able to raise your heart rate, you can promote fat loss. The higher your heart rate, the more fat you will lose during the process.

Cardio is a great way to build a better body too. It will help improve your physical and mental abilities while reducing your risk for heart disease. You can even try a professional weight loss program.

9. Drink Coffee

Drinking coffee is a great way to increase your caffeine intake and promote better weight loss in the body. It is recommended to drink your coffee black with no added sugars that might increase the calories per cup.

Studies indicate that the metabolic rate increases significantly after caffeine consumption, and drinking 3-4 cups of coffee per day can decrease the risk of developing type 2 diabetes. This is due to both caffeine and chlorogenic acids [2].

10. Use Whey Protein as a Meal Replacement

You can use whey protein as a meal replacement to increase your protein intake, lower your caloric intake, and increase your metabolism. Whey protein also has tons of amino acids to help you increase more calories in a resting state.

Protein timing can be important too and too maximize muscular protein synthesis, you should aim to consume about 20-40 grams of protein every two to four hours.

11. Eat Healthier Foods

People are more conscious of their weight these days. One way to rein in on your weight is by eating healthier foods and sticking to a stricter diet.

This means you should figure out the type of foods you like that are considered healthy and eat more of them. These foods include fruits, vegetables, lean meat, eggs, nuts and whole grains.

By eating healthier foods, you also need to eliminate bad foods like refined carbs. Whole, single-ingredient foods are consistently the best option for people trying to achieve weight loss.

12. Brush Your Teeth After Dinner

Brushing your teeth after dinner can help you lose weight and decrease your desire for late-night snacks. People who brush their teeth after dinner were less likely to eat late into the night which could lead to weight loss.

It is a unique strategy but it can help program your brain to avoid snacks and to settle down for bed earlier for sleep too.

13. Try Weight Lifting at the Gym

Weight training is one of the most effective ways for improving strength and muscle mass. It also promotes cardiovascular fitness and increases bone density to assist with weight loss too.

A common concern for many is to lose too much muscle mass, but by including weight lifting into your routine you can combat this issue. It is also easier to lose calories while you build muscle.

14. Eat More Spicy Meals

Many spicy foods like peppers contain capsaicin which helps with overall fat burning and metabolism. By eating more spicy meals, we can improve our chances at faster weight loss with meals we enjoy.

Capsaicin also helps with our appetite and it is known to suppress our desire to eat more, allowing us to decrease our total caloric intake.

15. Use Smaller Plates

Weight loss programs require creativity sometimes. This includes using smaller plates when you eat as a way to lower your calorie intake to promote better weight loss.

Studies suggest that by using smaller plates in your home, you will naturally decrease your serving sizes and improve your portion control to help lose weight [3].

16. Try a Low-Carb Diet

Low-carb and low fat diets are commonly used by people who want to lose weight, but both should be used with caution since carbs are great for energy, and fats are necessary for many vital functions.

A low carb diet is high in protein and low in carbohydrates, which keeps people fuller for longer periods of time. And without feeling too sluggish.

This type of diet will promote lean muscle growth and fat loss. They additionally lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels because you tend to eat less processed or unhealthy food.

17. Drink Less Alcohol

Alcohol is one of the most abused substances in the world and drinking too much can lead to long-term health consequences.

Besides alcohols dangerous effects on our health, it also keeps us from achieving our weight loss goals. Alcohol can cause people to consume more calories than they are burning which leads to weight gain. Figuring out how to lose weight gained from alcohol can be more difficult than if you just went without. If you decide alcohol is okay for your lifestyle, just try to drink it in moderation rather than going on full on binges.

18. Plan Your Meals In Advance

Meal prepping is an effective way to save time and prevent stress. It also helps people plan for the week, ensuring that they always know what to eat when they are hungry without having to think about it.

When your food is already prepared, you can eliminate the temptation of going out for lunch or eating something unhealthy instead.

19. Keep a Food & Workout Journal

Keeping a food and workout journal can help you to keep track of your food and exercise. It helps you to plan and stay organized which is always beneficial when it comes to weight loss.

A journal allows you to track your progress as well as learn from previous mistakes so that you can continue on the path of weight loss. It is also helpful to plan your future workouts and meals.

20. Avoid Processed Foods

You should not eat processed foods if you want to lose weight and be more healthy. Eating processed foods can lead to weight gain, lower energy levels, and chronic diseases.

Processed foods also often contain artificial or synthetic components and these chemicals can lead to health problems like weight gain. They tend to be filled with sugar and refined carbs that can also lead to food addiction.

21. Eat More Protein

Foods that are high in protein tend to have very few carbs, making it a great food choice for people looking to be healthier and lose weight.

Studies show that high protein diets are used to prevent and treat obesity with major improvements in overall health and body weight [4].

22. Practice Yoga For Stress Relief

Anxiety, depression, and stress are very common mental health issues that affect people all over the world. They may make it difficult for people to eat right or to exercise regularly.

Yoga is a great way to help people manage their stress levels and reduce anxiety. It is also associated with weight loss by providing mental clarity.

23. Eat a Low-Fat Diet

Low-fat diets are recommended for those who are trying to maintain healthy cholesterol and blood pressure levels. The most common low-fat diet would include lean meat and vegetables with every meal.

It is different from a low-carb diet and you would focus on eliminating fat instead of carbs from your diet to promote weight loss.

24. Be Mindful While Eating

It is very important to be mindful when you are eating as well as before you eat. This will help you pay better attention to what you eat and to manage portion sizes, you can also try taking smaller bites and chewing more thoroughly.

The key to mindful eating is becoming more aware of your food choices and stopping to enjoy the food. It will help with your hunger levels and promote weight loss.

25. Eat a Big Breakfast

Breakfast is a critical part of a diet, not only to give your body the energy it needs but also because it can help you lose weight.

In order to change eating patterns for weight loss, you should eat a big breakfast so you can consume more calories and protein in the morning. It will help curb your hunger during the day and allow you to lower your calorie intake.

26. Eat Slower

Try eating slower since our body is a little delayed when it comes to telling us we’re full; it can take up to 20 minutes to actually feel full after a meal and this is why it’s easy to eat a bunch when you’re eating fast.

It is an effective way be more in tune with your body and cut down on over eating.

27. Follow the Mediterranean Diet

The Mediterranean diet can lead to weight loss and a more healthy lifestyle. It includes traditional whole grains, fish, and other foods inspired by the area around the Mediterranean sea.

It provides benefits like decreased risk of cardiovascular disease, diabetes, cancer, and dementia. To say the least, there’s not many downsides to the Mediterranean diet.

28. Stay Active

Physical activity is one of the most consistent weight loss solutions you can try. It can be as simple as taking the stairs every day in your apartment building instead of the elevator. Or parking further away when there’s an empty spot at the front of the store.

There are lots of activity tracking solutions like smart watches that track your daily activity and even estimate your calorie expenditure. It’s as easy as slapping it on your wrist and looking at your daily activity.

29. Eliminate Liquid Calories & Sugar

Going through a diet for weight loss can be difficult. There are many products that contain unnecessary calories and sugar that hinder your progress.

The most notable issue is liquid sugar and calories. It is critical to eliminate sugary drinks like soda from your diet because the calories can add up quickly.

30. Try Taking Probiotics

Taking probiotics can help you lose weight and avoid the effects of obesity while also boosting your health. It is always recommended to consult a doctor before taking any new weight loss products, but probiotics are a safe and natural solution.

A study showed that probiotics provide a significant reduction in body mass and obesity when used for health as weight loss products [5].

31. Throw Away Any Temptations

In order to lose weight consistently, you have to eliminate your temptations. This means that you should give up or hide your junk food in your home and avoid going out for a late-night snack.

Whether you are conscious or not, the amount of temptation in your home is usually greater than what you are willing to resist. It is important to throw away junk food in your home and get rid of sugary items that could derail your progress.

Other Tips & Fat Loss Solutions

The following are some other weight loss tips and solutions that can help you lose weight. You can implement any of these into your daily routine or use them as a supplement to the more common ones.

Get a Weight Loss Trainer

A personal trainer is often a preferred option for many people who are looking for a weight loss solution. This is a great way to learn more about powerlifting programs and to become better educated in the gym.

A personal trainer can be an effective weight-loss tool when paired with proper dieting and exercise habits. They could also mark the beginning of a new lifestyle change that leads to long-term success. Not to mention, it helps to have someone keep you accountable on those lazy days.

Join a Weight Loss Clinic

A supervised weight loss program is designed for those who are looking to lose some weight, but find it difficult to take action. These programs provide a form of treatment with structure, support, and accountability that can help some people jump-start a healthy lifestyle.

Losing weight is not an easy process and it takes time and hard work. By being around professionals, you can accelerate your progress and see lasting results.

Discuss Weight Loss Solutions With a Doctor & Nutritionist

You can also speak with a physician who is trained in nutrition care to talk about your nutritional needs or lifestyle changes that you want to make.

These professionals understand the challenges that losing weight presents us. It can be much easier when you have someone who can help recommend the right weight loss solutions for you.

At the end of the day, everyone’s weight loss journey will look different and you have to find what works for you. Try some of these solutions above and see if they mesh with your current lifestyle. Just remember, there’s always different things to try and as long as you don’t give up, anything is possible.


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