Peloton Before and After 1 Month vs 80 Days (Leg Transformation Pics)

Weight Loss & Diets | Written by Nathan Petitpas | Updated on 14 April 2023

On the left, Bella wearing a grey tank top and pants holding up a phone in front of a mirror and taking a picture of herself showing her body, stomach is bloated and her flabby; on the right, Bella posing and showing her body that is leaner and more toned from doing Peloton, before and after pictures of her clearly shows weight loss.

Peloton before and after pictures are worth a million words, but learning the specifics of a person’s transformation is inspiring and motivating because it paints a picture of their journey, their achievements, and even their struggles.16

These weight loss progress photos and leg transformation pictures seen above and below were taken after 1 month, 80 days, and beyond help to put things into perspective because they show that tiny steps in the right direction can add up to big changes over time.

So whether you’re looking for inspiration, want to hear about others stories, or curious if a Peloton is worthwhile, these pictures and stories can make all the difference. 

What Type of Results Will I See Using Peloton?

Through the wide array of programs and content along with the functionality of the bike itself, the Peloton can produce some amazing results considering it’s an at-home stationary bike that goes from a resistance level of 0 to 100. 

The core difference between a typical cycling bike and a Peloton is the innovative application that gives riders access to countless classes and instructors along with the ability to connect to other riders through a built-in screen.1

Peloton Before and After List of Benefits

Although Peloton users don’t usually leave their living room, a study examining the physical benefits of cycling observed:

  • An increase in aerobic capacity (the ability to utilize oxygen more efficiently during a workout)2
  • Weight loss without loss of muscle mass
  • Toned Muscles
  • Reduction of both systolic blood pressure and diastolic blood pressure
  • Increase in bone mineral density (reduced risk of bone fractures)
  • Potential to improve HDL and LDL cholesterol levels3

Along with the above outcomes, those who have participated in Peloton rides report a reduction in stress and anxiety, an immunity boost, and an increase in endorphins (the “feel good chemical”).4 

Peloton Before and After Legs: Pictures and Success Stories

If toned legs are something that is inspiring a change in workout habits, the Peloton could be the tool that helps. For some, a dedicated leg day is a part of their weekly workout routine, but if time is of the essence, cycling is a great option that can strengthen their legs while simultaneously getting in a cardio workout.

Building and toning muscles in the legs paired with losing weight in the thighs and calves are the ultimate combination that the Peloton bike allows riders to achieve. 

Below are Peloton before and after legs photos that prove just how possible it is for normal people to achieve extraordinary results.

Savannah’s Before & After Transformation

A before picture of Savannah is on the left and shows her wearing black shorts that reveal her tattoos, as well as thick-ish thighs, while her after picture on the right shows her in white pants with toned, tight thighs and a slim waist.

Notice how in her before picture her thighs are thick with fat and stomach is bloated but in her after picture her thighs are toned, flatter stomach and slimmer waist. Source: vgetsav on Instagram15

Savannah had committed to a healthier lifestyle and was not interested in a short-term diet, so she decided to add a Peloton to her collection of gym equipment to ensure her habits were going to change for good. She made it a goal to incorporate it into her daily life and began using the achievement awards earned through the application as motivation to persevere.5

While many days consisted of a well-thought-out clean diet and a hardcore exercise routine, other days involved a chicken pot pie and a low-impact cycling ride. Convincing herself to push past hard days and low moments instead of giving up on weight loss was key in her journey. Ultimately, what didn’t change was her determination to continue pushing forward for results.

Cycling was Savannah’s base workout and she would add other Peloton app workouts to her days such as yoga, strength training, or core, and sometimes a hike or walk to benefit all areas of her mind and body. 

Beginning to see changes in her body was a welcome accomplishment because those results didn’t always translate to the scale or even when she would measure herself. Consequently, before and after pictures became her favorite form of tracking and helped her continue to push forward in her goals.

She first began to notice changes in the way she felt; getting stronger and becoming more capable. Then, her clothes began to fit looser and she started slimming down. Muscles started making their presence known and that’s when she really began noticing all the positive effects these workouts were producing.

There are approximately 80 days between the Peloton before and after results in the photo above, and the changes are evident. Savannah’s workouts not only resulted in fat loss in the calves and thighs, but her legs became stronger, sleeker, and more toned.

Ultimately, Savannah found that listening to her body was her ultimate guide, whether that be intuitive eating or deciding between a fast-paced cycle ride or a slower recovery ride. Between those ideals, along with the Peloton community, she has not given up on her journey and continues to push forward to stay mindful and healthy.6

Bella’s Success Story: Before & After

On the left is Bella's before picture where she is taking a mirror selfie while wearing green pants and a purple top that shows she has a little belly or pouch, and on the right side her after picture shows she has a thinner stomach, shoulders, and smiling due to her sustained results.

It’s apparent in her before picture her belly is bloated but in her after picture her stomach is flatter and her overall physique is thinner. Source: Bella Robb on Youtube16

Before Bella became pregnant, she was very focused on fitness and would regularly participate in yoga and weight lifting. Once she began her pregnancy journey, she did not want to give up working out, so she explored her options and settled on a routine for expectant mothers that, while still excellent for her health, was a bit different than the exercise she was used to.

After she gave birth to her baby, her desire to keep up with the suggested guidelines for postpartum health prompted her to begin some very low-impact workouts while mentally and physically recovering from her c-section.7 She quickly became bored of these workouts and decided to order a Peloton bike to aid in her fitness and recovery journey.

Once her Peloton bike was delivered, she began to take advantage of the beginner classes and quickly advanced to the endurance rides. Her initial goal was to lose the weight she had gained while pregnant within a year, but the results she was seeing from the rides she was choosing were not to her liking.

Instead of continuing with her routine, she decided to change things up and see if the outcome was any different. She began rotating through the following to find the best peloton class for weight loss:

  • Interval rides – These rides consist of sprints with various inclines with rest periods in between and can burn up to 600 calories per class.
  • Low impact/recovery – Just as it sounds, a recovery or low impact ride, while still burning calories, allows the body to take advantage of a cycling workout with less intensity.
  • Climbs – A climbing ride consists of increased resistance which is not only good for weight loss but also for sculpting leg muscles.
  • Tabata – While similar to an interval ride, Tabata rides are much more intense. Although shorter than most classes, due to the amount of energy used, the calories burned can be equal to those of longer sessions.

Once Bella began rotating through these routines, she began to notice the positive changes in her body. While she did plateau at a couple of points, she was able to quickly move past them by either scheduling more intense rides on back-to-back days or by pausing classes to give herself a bit of a breather. Once she overcame those hurdles, even when incorporating 2 to 3 rest days per week, she was still able to reach her goal in half the time she was hoping for.

The 80-day Peloton before and after progress clearly shows weight loss throughout Bella’s body, especially in her legs. Instead of bulking up, which might be what some future cyclists fear, she instead leaned out, making her legs look long, toned, and athletic.

Bella enjoyed finding workouts that fit her lifestyle and were grateful that her physical and mental health had returned. Even though she reached the goal, she is still utilizing the Peloton multiple days a week to maintain her results and keep her healthy.8

Peloton Before and After 1 Month Results + Pictures

One month might not seem like adequate time to make headway when working out, but thankfully, the body craves exercise and, under the right conditions, will make some noticeable changes. 

Every journey is different, however, and depending on someone’s physique, their diet, and how much effort they put forth, will determine what changes will occur in a 30-days period. Below are two 1 month exercise bike results that are great examples of results on two people at different places in their fitness journey.

Jonathan’s 30 Day Results & Photos

Jonathan is standing in his living room next to a stair case in both his before and after picture, but the before picture on the left side shows him looking skinny-fat, where the right hand side or after picture reveals a much more defined chest, abs, and biceps.

It’s noticeable in his before picture his chest is slightly saggy making him look like a skinny-fat person but in his after picture his chest is much more defined, his overall physique is much leaner. Source: Jonathan Carlin on Youtube17

When Jonathan first purchased a Peloton, while he rode it quite a bit, he didn’t have a consistent schedule or goal in mind. He then transitioned from indoor cycling to mountain biking and while he found it very fulfilling, ended up having to take a break after an accident on the trails.

After recovering, he unintentionally took some time off from both cycling and mountain biking until realizing, after 5 months had gone by, that he hadn’t done either. At that point, even though he had stayed in shape and was routinely working out, he decided to challenge himself to a 30-day Peloton ride.

The main goal of this challenge was not to lose weight or gain muscle but to help him get back into biking, which he loved. The rules he set for his Peloton challenge were at least one ride every day and for no less than 20 minutes; other than that, he was free to choose any class at any intensity.

Staying motivated was a challenge because working sessions into daily life was not always easy. Discovering new instructors and programs on the Peloton app, such as games, helped keep his eyes toward the finish line.

Throughout the month when he was beginning to feel fatigued, he allowed himself to participate in slower, lower impact rides. This was not something he had done before, and while it made him feel guilty at first, he soon realized that when riding daily, some days may not look like a sprint, and recovery and low-impact rides are just as beneficial as climbs or intervals.

Persevering through tired spells and hard days was made a bit easier by Peloton instructors’ encouragement during his daily classes. He decided the biggest thing pushing him forward was the goal of surpassing his stats from his first ride that month.

At the end of the 30 days, Jonathan not only topped his first of the month performance, but he also hit a personal all-time record for a 30-minute ride. Along with the athletic accomplishments, which he did not expect, Jonathan’s Peloton before and after picture shows off his noticeably slimmer waist, which was also a welcome surprise.

While Jonathan isn’t intending on pushing himself to ride the Peloton every single day, these results have motivated him to work it into his schedule more, even if just to do a quick 20-minute recovery ride.9

Lydia’s 30 Day Transformation: Before & After

Lydia's before picture on the left shows her taking mirror selfie in a red top, black pants, and with her belly bulging past her waist, and on the right hand side her after picture displays her in the same mirror, but 10-20 pounds less which can be noticed by her flat belly and smaller waist.

See how in her before picture her stomach is bulging but in her after picture her stomach is flatter and waist is smaller after losing 10 to 20 pounds. Source: @lydiabordo on Instagram18

After turning 34 and graduating from college where she attended classes at night alongside taking care of her family and working a full-time job, Lydia decided she was going to begin setting aside time for herself and find a way to make her health a priority. 

She and her husband purchased a Peloton and she immediately signed up for Weight Watchers. Instead of jumping on the bike without a game plan, she decided to commit to 300 Peloton rides in a year along with other planned exercises.

Lydia typically included the Peloton in some form or fashion during her workouts and made a concerted effort to exercise at least 30 minutes a day. To ensure she was meeting this goal, she used the following strategies:

  • Wake up before family to complete a workout at the beginning of the day
  • Work in small bursts of activity throughout the day
  • Posting updates to workouts and meal plans on social media to hold herself accountable
  • Take before and after photos to see progress
  • Commit to small weekly goals or 30-day challenges

Lydia found out through her journey that even though she was sticking with her exercise and eating plans, she might not always see changes in her weight, and coming to terms with why the scale doesn’t matter helped her not get frustrated. Instead of depending on what a number told her, she decided to rely on the way she felt along with her before and after photos.

In the picture above, Lydia had only lost 2 pounds, but the changes in her body are evident. Because muscle is more dense than fat, the scale doesn’t register the changes in body fat, as well as a photograph can document them.10 

Lydia’s biggest advice to those who are seeking lifestyle changes is to fit in workouts whenever there is a spare moment and not forget to take photos along the way to journal success.11

80 Day Peloton: Before and After Success Pictures + Stories

As mentioned above, although the start of a cycling body transformation is clearly possible in just 30 days, a continued Peloton routine will give the body ample time to start showing some big changes. 

Sticking with any routine for 80 days should make before and after weight loss and toning results evident, but using the Peloton could amplify them due to the combination of resistance and cardio.

Lexi’s 80 Day Transformation Story

Lexi is standing next to a door in her before and after picture but the before picture on the left shows a fluffier version of her that has bulkier arms and an round belly, while her after picture physique on the right has more of an hour glass shape on her mid-section as well as slimmer shoulders, arms and glutes.

Notice in her before picture her body fats are bulkier but in her after picture her body’s mid-section achieved an hour-glass shape, slimmer shoulders, arms and glutes. Source: Everything With Lexi on Youtube19

Looking to lose 100 pounds, Lexi had decided to take on workout challenges, but after 3 months of effort on various plans, was less than impressed with the results. When seeking out additional weight loss solutions, she decided to use the Peloton app to guide her and hoped for more impressive results.

Instead of jumping in with intense workouts and a hardcore diet, Lexi opted to try intuitive eating and combining a mix of Peloton workout plans plus walking, additional strength training, and meditation, which are also guided through the Peloton app.

In just under 80 days, Lexi participated in 62 guided classes and could feel her body changing. While the transformation is evident in her before and after pictures, measurements taken at the start and end of her Peloton challenge showed a difference of over 14 inches along with a weight loss of 7.4 pounds. She was thrilled with the changes in her body, which continue to motivate her as time goes on.

Even though Lexi completed her Peloton challenge and has moved on to other programs, because of her success with Peloton, she plans to incorporate it into her routine regardless of which new challenge she tasks herself with.12

Steve’s  80 Day Transformation With Peloton

Steve has a before picture on the left where he is wearing a blue Peloton shirt that reveals a round belly underneath and some chest fat, but his after picture on the right shows Steve in the same shirt with no belly showing, less chest fat, and large biceps.

It’s visible in his before picture his belly is bulging through his shirt but in his after picture it is less visible and his biceps are more noticeable. Source: Steve Julien on Youtube20

Inspired by an old photo taken years earlier, Steve challenged himself to a health and weight loss routine for just over 2 months. He decided his main source of exercise would be cycling with the Peloton for 20 minutes paired with an additional 20 minutes of strength training, walking, yoga, or pilates for 5 days per week.

Not wanting to put a big restriction on their diet, he aimed for a weekday goal of 2000 calories a day and 2500 calories on weekend days without limiting any particular food group aside from alcohol. Based on past experience, instead of figuring out how to get skinny fast, he preferred a slow and steady weight loss, which would give him a higher chance of keeping it off.

As time progressed, working out easily became a habit, and sticking to his diet didn’t present any difficulties because he didn’t implement huge changes to what he ate. As a bonus, due to reducing his alcohol consumption and being physically tired from workouts, he began sleeping and resting better, which prepared him for subsequent workouts the following day.

Unlike many striving for weight loss, Steve was actually inspired by the scale. Tracking daily weigh-ins kept him motivated and seeing a graph of his dropping weight helped him continue with his workout and diet plan. 

Around 80 days after beginning his workout adventure, 37 Peloton rides, plus additional workouts, Steve stuck to his plan and was rewarded with a 10-pounds weight loss. His Peloton before and after picture shows weight loss in both his face and stomach and because of his success, is proud to look at current photos instead of photos of his past self.13

How Long Will it Take to See Results With Peloton?

As discussed earlier, each body is different, so calculating the length of time to see results with the Peloton will vary based on many factors. Using some of the data provided by those who shared their stories can help when estimating how long it will take to see results, starting with how often and intense the rides will be.

Assuming a higher intensity workout for 3 days a week at 400 calories burned per session along with 2 lower intensity rides at 180 calories per session, a rider can estimate a calorie deficit of 1,560 calories per week since the above would be additional exercise they weren’t including previously. 

If eating at a maintenance calorie level, a deficit of 1560 calories per week will result in a weight loss of 5 pounds in 80 days:

80 days \ 7 days = 11.43 weeks

1,560 calories x 11.43 weeks = 17,830.8 calories

17,830.8 calories \ 3,500 calories = 5 pounds

Using a body weight planning calculator can pinpoint what calorie deficit should be reached through Peloton and other workouts along with a suggested calorie intake goal to increase weight loss and see faster results.14 Even if changes aren’t evident in the first few weeks, following a Peloton routine should lead to clear results in 80 days.

Aiming for weight loss and health goals can be a challenge, but incorporating the Peloton into daily life can be a sure way to not only see a leg transformation but also overall weight loss results. Hopefully these Peloton before and after photos and stories continue to inspire and motivate as well as lead followers into a wellness journey of their own.


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