Peloton Before and After Weight Loss Guide for Fast Results With Pictures

Weight Loss & Diets | Written by Nathan Petitpas | Updated on 10 April 2023

A Peloton before and after weight loss picture set has the before picture shown on the left where Janessa is on the beach wearing a brown buttoned dress, her stomach is bulbous at the bottom and arms are round, but in her after picture on the right, it shows the same woman wearing black leggings and a blue-green tank top with a much more toned upper body including a flat stomach and fit arms.

This Peloton before and after weight loss guide gives tips and tricks that provide fast results no matter what Peloton class is chosen.9 In addition, the weight loss transformation pictures (such as Janessa’s above) and stories serve as a motivational tool for those looking to make sustainable lifestyle choices. 

So hop on the saddle and see how quickly weight can be lost using Peloton, hear about others highs and lows, and see what tiny changes you can make to get the body you desire. 

How Long Does It Take to Lose Weight on Peloton? How Much Weight Can Be Lost?

A Peloton bike can be an excellent way to lose weight; however, just like any other piece of workout equipment, results vary based on how many variables such as the rider’s weight, fitness level, and the amount of energy and time invested in riding. The good news is, that studies show that exercising on a consistent basis, like cycling a few times a week, can contribute to losing or maintaining weight, increasing muscle mass, and boosting overall health.1

To find a personalized estimate of weight loss while using the Peloton, it’s best to start by finding out TDEE or total daily energy expenditure. TDEE is the number of calories burned while doing typical day-to-day activities such as walking from the car to the grocery store, cleaning the house, and working, as well as calories burned from exercise and normal bodily functions.

To calculate TDEE, the United States Department of Health and Human Services has created a Body Weight Planner that will help determine how many calories are burned by the body in a day as well as the calorie deficit needed to achieve weight loss goals in a certain time frame.2

When using the Body Weight Planner, it is necessary to input 0 exercises along with no weight loss desired to determine the number of calories needed per day to maintain weight. A 25-year-old male weighing 215 pounds who works a sedentary desk job needs approximately 2,780 calories per day.

To estimate how much weight can be lost while using the Peloton for 90 days, assuming the above rider burns 300 calories every while cycling and reduces his calorie intake to 2,580, that is a daily calorie deficit of 500 calories.

500 calories per day  x  90 days  =  45,000 calories burned

45,000 calorie deficit  /  3,500 calories in a pound  =  12.9 pounds

By only decreasing his daily food intake by 200 calories along with burning 300 calories per day cycling, the above dieter was able to lose nearly 13 pounds in 3 months. To increase that weight loss, it is possible to extend the duration or intensify workouts and reduce calorie intake to see how that affects the weight loss timeframe in the Body Weight Planner.

Peloton Before and After Weight Loss Pictures + Transformation Stories

Starting a weight loss journey may feel lonely, but finding someone to relate to and seeing their progress can be a game changer. Peloton before and after weight loss pictures are of real people who have gone through similar struggles and have come out healthier and stronger.

Although each person’s narrative is different, using this Peloton before and after pictures as inspiration and remembering details in each individual’s stories to instill motivation can help riders achieve their own amazing transformation whether it be an individualized plan or a crush on your core Peloton before and after.

Jayne Gorman’s Body Transformation Journey

On the left, Jayne with sunglasses on, is wearing a black shirt and orange skirt showing her body that is slightly wider and plumper; on the right, is her with sunglasses on, wearing a zigzag patterned black and white dress where her body appears to be slimmer, curvier and more toned.

Notice how in her before picture her arms are wider than her after picture which shows a slimmer and more toned physique. Source: @jaynetravels on Instagram8

Jayne used to live a healthy and active lifestyle, but things slowed down once she had her son, and after 3 years, she decided it was time to look into a routine that would help get her back into shape. She suffered from abdominal pain when she tried to participate in fitness routines as low impact as yoga, so she was hoping things would be different once she received her Peloton bike.

To her surprise, when easing into her first session, she noticed no discomfort and was able to successfully finish a 20-minute ride. This motivated her to jump back on the bike the next day and try again. After a week of beginner 20-minute rides, she was starting to feel like it might be possible to work out this into her lifestyle.

Setting personal records was a way that Jayne would continually challenge herself; because the Peloton bike measures output, it was easy for Jayne to see how quickly her fitness was improving. While she decided not to focus on food or calorie counting, she did try to choose healthy options, but her dedication to the bike did give her the freedom to have an occasional treat without the guilt.

Her favorite things about the Peloton and what kept pushing her forward were:

  • Playlists – She never gets bored when working out. The great songs and interactive rides were so vast that there is something new on every ride that would keep her pedaling to the beat.
  • Range of Classes – There is an assortment and a variety of classes available for every style of workout, mood, or time frame, so it is easy for anyone to find their best Peloton class for weight loss.
  • Designed to Push – The Peloton was designed to push its users; from personal records, leaderboards, and the online community, there is no wasted time or effort while participating in a session.

In the 10 short weeks Jayne decided to dedicate to reviewing the Peloton, she lost 15 pounds and became a cycling body transformation female. Instead of being in a monotonous routine at the gym, she averaged 4 30-minutes cycling sessions a week with tremendous success. She’s not only thrilled with her weight loss, but she is also excited to be prioritizing her health and fitness for her and her family’s sake.3 

Travis’s Success Story (Peloton): Before and After Weight Loss With Photos

The picture on the left shows Travis's before physique where he is wearing black shorts and a black watch, his stomach is a little pudgy, he has small love handles around his waist, his arms look quite round and his chest not firm, while in his after picture on the right, Travis in black shorts, whose face is more chiseled, arms are more toned, love handles are nearly gone and whose stomach is less pudgy to the point where abs are visible, is standing in front of a wall where his Pelton shoes are hung, a foam roller is displayed as well as workout bands and 3 different posters with motivational quotes.

When Travis decided he wanted to lose weight and become healthier, he knew he had to fully commit. In the past, he would only half-heartedly attempt workouts and various diet plans but would not stick to them and then slowly fizzle out of the routine. 

Instead of one large goal, such as hitting a certain weight, he decided to set smaller goals with the intention of completely changing his mindset when it came to diet and exercise. Working endlessly to achieve being the best left him exhausted, so learning to be happy with progress was his main motivator.

By coming up with a plan to shift his lifestyle, Travis concluded that working in a calorie deficit that wouldn’t be too hard to stick with along with a workout plan that wasn’t overly intense would be the most realistic way to achieve long-term success. He focused on lower-carb foods and intermittent fasting along with cycling 4-5 times per week.

As a Peloton before and after male, Travis found that consistency with cycling, food prepping, and staying motivated by smaller goals were all important in his continuing success. While he knows he potentially could have lost more than 45 pounds in 10 months, he is proud of how his body is looking and enjoys the level of effort he’s using to achieve his transformation.4

Janessa’s Postpartum Results

Janessa is in a sunny room with a white blanketed bed in it that has an orange pillow on top and an orange and white rug, where she is taking a mirror selfie wearing a blue top and black pants as her right hand with nails done is gently touching her flat stomach that shows the beginning definition lines of abs.

It’s apparent in her results picture how her stomach is flatter successfully recovering from her postpartum weight gain. Source: Janessa Lynnae on Youtube9

As seen in the first image of this article, after Janessa had her baby, she kept putting off weight loss. As a busy mom and business owner, she just couldn’t get into a routine that she would stick to. She’d make a loose plan and when the time came to exercise, she’d say she’d do it the next day, and then the workout would never happen. 

When she noticed that she kept gaining wait was when she finally realized she had to do something. Instead of stewing on the problem, she jumped into action, took a chance, and purchased a Peloton. She wasn’t positive this would be the thing that would motivate her to get moving, but she decided it was worth a shot to see if she could achieve her own Peloton before and after weight loss.

Shockingly, once she received the Peloton, consistency came easily. She enjoyed the fact she was able to schedule rides in the app and that a notification is sent as a reminder; it actually felt like she was being held accountable. 

Cycling was making Janessa feel healthier and stronger, and in response, she started eating better and cutting out fast food as well as adding in extra strength training to expedite results. A typical ride lasted about 45 minutes and she would burn 400 calories, so even if she did no other workout that day or took a day or two off per week, she felt great about her cycling routine.

In just 2 months, she had taken 50 rides and ridden over 2,000 minutes. Along with feeling better, Janessa noticed a big reduction in her belly fat, love handles, and the shape of her rear end. She has become so much more comfortable with her body and is excited to continue to see the changes that will happen as she continues her Peloton workout plan.5

A Guide to Getting Peloton Before and After Weight Loss Results

To achieve Peloton before and after weight loss, solely using the Peloton bike will provide those results. The key when cycling alone with no other lifestyle or dietary changes, is to ensure that enough calories are being burned during Peloton sessions.

If the duration or intensity of cycling needed to achieve results is feeling daunting or if the amount of exercise is fine, but there is a desire to boost results, it may be time to consider implementing some easy weight loss solutions that can help speed up results.

Choose Filling Foods

When it comes to dieting, focusing on foods that aren’t allowed is a common theme. Instead of making a list of items that are banned, think about grandma’s home remedies for weight loss that look at foods that can be added to meals that will make them more satiating. 

Filling a dinner plate with nutrient dense foods such as vegetables, whole grains, and protein will keep dieters fuller for longer periods of time as well as give them the energy to exercise and get through their day without feeling exhausted.6

Stay Hydrated

Being thirsty can mimic the feelings of hunger and may cause excess snacking and overeating. If it doesn’t quite feel like time for a snack or meal, but those familiar pangs of hunger are being felt, reach for an 8 oz glass of water to see if that satisfies the craving for food. 

Along with helping reduce feelings of hunger, being hydrated is necessary to help with digestion and can curb bloating as well as water retention.

Swap Out Some Sugar

Sugar can hide in a majority of food and drinks and can sneakily add hundreds of calories a day to a single snack or beverage. The worst part about sweet treats is they are typically not very satisfied and will likely leave those who consume large amounts hungry and craving more.

A common question is how to stop eating junk food and sugar, and luckily, the answer is that it doesn’t have to be done all at once. One regular soda swapped with a diet soda can save 140 calories. Imagine drinking 2 regular sodas per day; that could save over 2,000 calories per week!

If anyone is wondering “Can I eat a donut and still lose weight?”, the answer is yes! It’s best to limit them to every once in a while to ensure a calorie deficit is still maintained, but working in favorite foods into a healthy diet will ensure term success. 

Try Intermittent Fasting

If calorie counting is overwhelming, an easy way to limit calorie intake is intermittent fasting. Instead of worrying about whether alternate day fasting vs OMAD (one meal a day) is more effective, consider trying the most popular form of fasting which is time-restricted eating.

With time-restricted eating, dieters typically fast for 16 hours and allow themselves an 8-hour window to eat. This usually allows for lunch, a snack, and dinner in between the hours of 11 and 7 or noon and 8. If these timeframes don’t work, test out other schedules to see what is most effective.

Add In Some Non-Exercise Movements

Although exercise is important, a common denominator in those who lose weight and keep it off is adding in NEAT (non-exercise activity thermogenesis); in other words, a movement that burns calories that is not an exercise.7 

To increase NEAT, look for activities that will promote movement but don’t feel like working out. For instance:

  • Walking the dog
  • Dance lessons with friends
  • Deep cleaning the house
  • Mowing the lawn

Those are just a small list of suggestions that don’t begin to cover the myriad of ways the body can move to burn calories that don’t involve planned exercise.

If searching for a way to lose weight is a priority, coming up with a cycling plan that is easy to follow and stick with is key. Taking advantage of all the programs Peloton has to offer combined with suggestions from the above easy weight loss guide can help anyone get a Peloton before and after weight loss success story.


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