Correct Your Posture

Literally everyone that I see while out and about has terrible posture. You know the people that don’t have bad posture? The people that inspire and motivate you, most likely.

Having a strong posture is more than just health. It speaks to your character and the type of person that you are. This sounds aggressive but try to hear me out.

Would you want to follow someone into battle or a business leader if they are slouching hard enough to touch their nose to their chest? Absolutely not.

On the flip side, if you see someone with strong posture, that tells you a lot about the person. They are clearly confident in their own skin. More than likely they are also concerned with their health and living a lifestyle that includes regular trips to the gym.

And let’s be honest here. Having good posture is attractive. There is a reason why females wear push-up bras. There is a reason why guys where tanks. Everyone wants to look good and feel good about themselves. By focusing on your posture, you will reap all of the benefits.

On top of being more attractive and emanating confidence, good posture will allow you to keep better form in the gym, thus helping you to stay injury free and build more muscle and burn more fat.

What exactly does good posture look like though?

You want to have your scapula retracted. To do this, pull your shoulders back, and then down. Focus on “opening up” your chest. To do this simply imagine that your sternum is attached by a string to the ceiling, allowing your arms and scapula to fall down at your sides.

When most people try to correct their posture initially, they have the wrong impression that you must be squeezing your should blades back and together. This isn’t correct.

Instead, focus on pulling your shoulders down and allowing your hands to freely float at your side.

Doing this will put you into that strong, open, correct posture that allows your spine and hips to become aligned. Enjoy the health, attraction, and strength benefits!