Physical Therapy Equipment

Treatment center filled with physical therapy equipment and other rehabilitation devices

Physical Therapy Equipment

Whether you are injured and seeking relief from pain, or you are a specialist searching for the best clinic-approved tools to treat your patients, often the answer is the same: quality physical therapy equipment.

Successful recovery depends on an effective rehabilitation plan, which is often only possible through the aid of physiotherapy equipment. But with so many providers and an endless supply of options—with new innovations being created each year—how can one make not only a smart decision but a financially smart one as well?

Luckily quality isn’t hard to spot.  Coupled with extensive research, we have distilled the most essential and value-packed items essential to your collection.

While not included on the list, don’t forget to include and budget for emr, billing, and exercise software.

Physical Therapy Equipment List and Catalog

If you aren’t a clinic or someone looking for home-approved devices, or simply want a full list we’ve compiled a complete catalog of items below.

  • Furnishings
  • Mirrors and Privacy Screens
  • Basic Medical and Office Supplies
  • Exercise Machines
  • Continuous Passive Motion Machines
  • Decompression and Traction Tables
  • Skeletal and Anatomical Models
  • Spilt Pans and Sheets
  • Biofeedback Machines
  • Cold Therapy Units
  • Electrotherapy Devices
  • Ultrasound Imaging and Therapy Machines
  • Diathermy Machine
  • Hydrotherapy: Whirlpool and Hydrolift
  • Hydrocollator and Thermalator
  • Ice machine and chilling unit for cold packs
  • Laser Therapy: Dynatron Solaris
  • Over-the-door Pulley
  • Multi-axial Positioning System for Home Balance Therapy
  • Medicine Balls
  • Resistance Chair Exercise System
  • Theraband Exercise Station
  • PowerPlay Cold Compression Kit
  • Tiger Tail
  • Theracane
  • Metteler ProPower Massage Unit
  • Inversion Table

Best Physical Therapy Equipment Stores

Choosing the right place to buy from can be the most important decision when it comes to equipment. By checking out reviews and past performance, however, you can get a strong picture of who to purchase from and who not to.