Pushing Your Limits: How Much Muscle Can You Expect To Gain?

Results From A 4 Week Training Program
What Is Possible For A Natural Lifter?

A “natural” is someone who decides that the use of performance enhancing drugs (PEDs) does not provide enough benefits to balance out all of the negatives. Steroids come with a price. That price varies from person to person, and depends on each individual’s personal genetics. Not everyone will respond highly negatively to PEDs. Others will. There is no way to know this unless one decides to begin using them.

I have had plenty of friends who decided to go down the route of PEDs. I don’t see anything morally wrong with choosing to use steroids. They are available and many people decide to take advantage of them. That doesn’t make you a bad person. However, through them I was able to gain a unique perspective into their decision to use PEDs. One of my very close friends that I powerlifted with in college used PEDs. He was one of my powerlifting mentors and easily one of the strongest guys (if not the strongest) in the room wherever he went. I went from admiring his lifts, to passing him up. Yes, you read that correct.

Once he decided to stop using PEDs, he lost all of his massive gains. We are talking literally 30 pounds. On top of that, he was left with some very nasty muscular imbalances that he is still dealing with to this day. This happened to him because he chose to stop using the drugs when he realized that they would get out of hand very quickly. Another friend of ours was running the same cycle and wanted to increase their dosages and introduce more substances. Luckily, my mentor saw where that was going. He recognized that path would lead to using a very large amount of PEDs for no real reason.

He told me something very profound about his experience as well. He told me that initially, he thought that building a physique much faster would be extremely enjoyable. He said at first, it was. He was making incredible gains in strength and size literally overnight. However, quickly it took away the enjoyment that one gains from training. There was no longer any sort of emotion attached to the progress that he was making because of how effortless it was.

On top of that, watching his body wither back to its normal self (and now with injuries and other issues to deal with) was difficult to do. Just imagine how you would feel if that happened. Imagine losing 30 pounds of lean body mass in less than a month. Not fun.

However, for me personally, I want to push my body to its natural limit to see how much is truly possible. This is my journey and I want to see where it takes me. I have seen the incredible results that have come from just half a decade of consistent training. To many, that may seem like a very long time.

It’s not. Time is going to pass regardless of whether you decide to do something or not.You might as well step up and start dominating your life, because after all, it is your life.

There are a lot of haters out there. This includes internet warriors who decide to put others down for their decision to use PEDs (there is nothing morally wrong with using them). Why do people do this? Either consciously or subconsciously they feel that you took something away from them. Did you actually do this? No. But they know deep down that they are making excuses and are too afraid to put in the effort themselves. Instead, they just decide to hate on other people. It’s pathetic, but it is what it is.

I would advise you to take the same approach as I have chosen and resist the temptation to use steroids for the reasons that I listed. In the end, it is your life and you need to be happy with it. If that truly means you need to use PEDs, go for it.