The Physiqz Method: Scientific Approach To Training That Yields Results 100% Of The Time

Doing Things The Right Way Will Pay Off BIG Time.
Doing Things The Right Way Will Pay Off BIG Time.

Having a one-sided approach to your fitness is probably the best way to slow down your results and get you injured.

Yet, everywhere you look online, there are people pushing their “super duper best” workout program that is “proven” to get you ripped and shredded.

While there’s a lot of things wrong with that sort of marketing, the main issue is the lack of depth. If you are looking to develop an amazing body with true strength and athleticism, it’s going to take more than simple bodybuilding splits.

Don’t get me wrong. Bodybuilding is great. And, there are a lot of other great training philosophies out there. What isn’t great is closing off your results by picking one approach and refusing to subscribe to anything but that specific point of view.

The easiest example to look at is the classic gym bro. He’s been lifting for a year or two and thinks he knows everything you could possibly ever learn when it comes to putting on muscle. In reality, he has experimented with only a fraction of the possible training philosophies available. What’s worse is that his lack open-mindedness is costing him big time in the gains department.

If you want to build muscle, lose fat, get stronger, become a better athlete, feel healthier, and build confidence it’s going to require a holistic approach to fitness. How does this work? Each aspect of an intelligent training program will focus on developing multiple areas of your fitness at once–this is because strength, size, and athleticism all work together to yield HUGE results when you aren’t using performance-enhancing substances (a.k.a. a ‘natural athlete’).

Enjoy the rest of the guide, and get ready to make some SERIOUS progress.