Execution And Follow Through Is Everything

Your execution will be everything in determining whether you ultimately reach your fitness and health goals. Without a doubt, the single most important variable is consistency. I get asked all of the time for programming advice and which supplements I could recommend to a new lifter. Both of those things are great and absolutely crucial to handle if you want to improve your fitness. However, neither of them matter if you take multiple days off every week and cheat at every other meal.

Learn to execute efficiently and the world will be open to you. One of the ways that I have been able to improve my life dramatically in all areas is through leaning against what I developed in the fitness area of my life. I first learned hard work and consistency towards achieving a goal by working out. As I began to see results and notice big improvements in my physique, it motivated me further. This positive cycle of effort and validation helped me to value hard work and not taking days off. I have used this same model to build success in both business and relationships.

The motivation cycle that I described above can be explained further. Right now you are in a position of potential. Multiple opportunities are available at your disposal. You have a platform from which you can make countless decisions. Should you recognize the beautiful chance that you have to absolutely change your life for the better, you will turn that potential into a positive action.

Now you are at a point where you have decided that taking action is the best thing you can do for yourself. Bravo. You have just taken the first step towards becoming the best version of yourself in every area of your life. Now, as you continue to behave in accordance with your values and maintain consistency, you will enter a phase of results.

You will undoubtedly see results. It is simple. If you start putting in the work every day to getting stronger, leaner, and healthier you will see massive results. The greatest part about the results that you will achieve doesn’t even have to do with the fact that you are going to feel great about yourself and get a killer body. The biggest piece about results is that it will begin to reinforce your belief that having a jaw-dropping body is not only possible, but easy.

The reinforcement of the effort that you are putting in is enough to propel you forward at high-speed towards reaching the top-tier of people in the world.

At the top of a lot of lifters’ minds is the idea about potential when it comes to strength training. For sports where the delimiting factor isn’t your nervous system and hormones, it isn’t as common to think about end-game potential. For example, if you are a recreational or semi-pro basketball player, you probably don’t ever think about reaching a point where you can no longer get any better. It just doesn’t make any logical sense to think like that.

Yet, for so many people, they try to apply that way of thinking to strength training. Obviously there are some clear limits that come into play. One of the biggest ones is how much testosterone that you have. If you lack that essential hormone, you probably aren’t going to be packing on a lot of muscle. However, outside of basic physiological limits, there isn’t really anything that is specifically holding you back. A lot of people like to make that jump, but I don’t think it’s fair. You can go so far in this area of your life. Every single year I train I think that the next year can’t possibly get much better. This is because every year I consider myself to be at the peak of my training. Time and time again I am proven wrong. I have continued to progress at what I consider a very rapid pace. It is all about making adjustments and moving forward.