Evaluating Your End State

Now that you have a clear picture that you need to make a change in your life, you have to clearly establish goals. Well established goals will allow you to plan effectively. They will also provide solid road marks to judge whether you are moving in the right direction or not. Have a goal in mind will make the process so much more enjoyable, because you will constantly be working to improve upon yourself in pursuit of that goal.

It may sound hipster, but you need to learn to visualize what you are attempting to become. By creating an unbreakable mental picture, you will be able to consciously and unconsciously transform your body in ways that are only possible with a powerful mind-muscle connection. Professional bodybuilders and strength athletes make references to this all of the time. By tuning into your unconscious creativity you will open up the remarkable power to impart upon your body that which you develop in the mind.

So start today. Figure out what you want to be, and start visualizing it on a daily basis. Once you have begun to do that regularly, you need to continually course correct. This can be done through either consistent, effortful evaluation on top of allowing your “goal mechanism” to function uninhibited.

What do I mean by “goal mechanism?” That is a good question. Within all of us we have a goal-oriented mechanism that allows us to achieve every task that we complete. However, this mechanism does not work well when it is inhibited by anxiety or intense focus fueled by worry. A perfect example that will illustrate this point beautifully is the effect that comes from thinking about a simple task. Consider threading a piece of thread through a needle. If you don’t think about the task and just allow your hand to carefully guide the thread through the needle eye, you will most likely be successful with no issues.

However, if as your hand approaches the needle eye you begin to focus intensely on trying to “force” the thread through, you will surely encounter difficulty. You have probably experienced this at some point in your life. If you haven’t, go try it and report back.

Here’s how you get it done. Every single day when you are lying in bed at night, visualize what you want your end body to look like. Complete the visualization very intensely. Imagine where you want every single vein and fiber of muscle. Put everything together in your head to that you can create the exact image of what you want to look like. Once you have this, keep it in your head and study it intensely for 2 minutes. Then, simply let the thought vanish.

By doing this you will implant the seeds for subconscious success. Your body will have the blueprint to build itself with. Just make sure you don’t mess it up by trying to “force” it.