This site is intended to be the ultimate weight training resource and is like nothing that you have ever seen before.

This guide is for anyone just starting out who has never been to the gym, all the way up to someone who has been training for a few years. This guide is not for advanced individuals. I created this special guide with that in mind. I know that most people aren’t going to understand or relate with super advanced concepts. You just want to get the results that you want, and that’s it. I got it. I am going to provide you with every single thing that you need from A to Z. If you follow this guide and take massive action, you will reap very large rewards in not only your physique, but every other area of your life as well.

This guide will become your handbook. Every part in this book contains something that is important. If I wrote about it here, and you neglect to do it, you are going to pay the price. This may come in the form of slower gains and progress, or it may come in the form of injuries. Do not add anything or adjust this guide. The path has been laid out before you. All that you need to do is follow through.

You are about to embark on perhaps one of the most defining journeys of your life. Learning to live a healthy and strong lifestyle will not only affect how you look, feel, and carry yourself. It will bleed into every other aspect of your life and give you the foundation to go on and do great things in whatever passion you may have.

You will be able to follow this guide for a very long time before needing to do anything different. Again, just trust in the process and you will begin to plant the seeds today that will sprout into a better life tomorrow.

I used to be just like you. I was uncomfortable with my body, lacked confidence, didn’t look good, and felt unhealthy. Yet, I knew I had to make a serious change in my life. I realized that I couldn’t keep on living like that. This is my story. I went from nothing to jacked in a relatively short amount of time. But, I made many mistakes that you don’t have to because I am going to spell them out for you in this guide.

Anyone can follow this guide. Literally anyone who is ready to make a change can grab a copy of this and revolutionize their day-to-day experiences. Life is just awesome when you are healthy, athletic, and good looking. Look around at anyone who is extremely successful in life; they probably workout or exercise. But, I don’t care about being like “someone successful.” I care about being that dude. I want to be jacked, attractive, confident, and able to walk into a room with anyone and demand their attention with my mere presence. I wanted to be a boss, so this is what I did.

This is an exclusive write-up. You aren’t going to find information laid out like this anywhere else on the internet. That is the exact reason that I decided to create this resource. There’s not a lot of great information out there if you are looking for the complete plan. Plenty of “experts” write guides on random topics. What they don’t do is actually show you the way to reach your fitness goals. I laugh at those guys. Okay man, great, you just showed me how to “get a big back” by throwing up random exercises on the page. We have all seen it before. It doesn’t help anyone get closer to their goals.

I was also tired of all the “special fat burners” and “magic pills” that I tried and know don’t work. You can’t just take something and expect it to do everything for you. Instead, those fake supplements cause people dangerous health issues and don’t even offer any value. I despise those people and want to spread the truth against them.  On top of that, supplements are extremely expensive and most don’t even work. Forget about it.

On top of the lack of information and falsehoods, I decided to create this because of all of the phony expensive “personal trainers.” Everyone thinks they are a personal trainer nowadays. It’s pitiful. Let me ask you a question: would you go to a dentist with bad teeth? The answer is obviously no, you would not go to a dentist who didn’t have an amazing set of pearly white teeth. Great, then why are you going to trust personal trainers who don’t even look good? The only personal trainers in gyms that I have ever seen look good are guys that obviously use steroids. They aren’t able to relate to normal guys like us when it comes to training. Everything is completely different if you use drugs.

I know that you aren’t satisfied with how your life is right now. That’s fine. We were all there at one point. However, I know that you want to feel attractive. I know that you want confidence. I know that you want to be able to command the respect of other people when you talk. It is an awesome power to wield and it is all available to you if you just follow through with what you are about to learn.