New York Sports Hernia Specialists, Surgeons, and Doctors

Last Update: 12 August 2021

If you live in the empire state and are looking for a sports hernia specialist, surgeon, or doctor, make sure you choose a reputable physician–this will ensure your surgery goes successfully and you have a full and speedy recover.

All of the doctors and specialists on this list have a proven track record of successfully operating on individuals plagued with the terrible groin pain injury.

However, not all surgeons practicing in the Big Apple are created equal. Some perform the operation with the use of mesh, while others utilize the minimal repair technique introduced by the Munich Hernia Center in Germany.

This revolutionary new approach has dramatically increased successful recovery rates. Any of the doctors and specialists on this list follow this practice–you can be sure you are receiving the very best care possible.

If you live in the northern part of the state, pay Dr. Steven Goldstein a visit. Specializing in the treatment of hernias for over two decades, his expertise and credentials give him the ability to use advanced robotic repair techniques other doctors in the area are not qualified to use. He is a Board Certified Surgeon and member of Americas Hernia Society; rest easy–you will be under the care of a highly-trained specialist.

If you’re closer to the city, we recommend thee following surgeons:

  • Dr. Brian Jacob operating out of Mount Sinai Medical Center and Midtown Surgery Center–voted NYC’s top expert for 6 consecutive years
  • Dr. Reiner, Professor of Surgery at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York

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