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Sports Hernia Doctors

Written by Jon Chambers | Updated on October 14, 2021

Group of sports hernia doctors, surgeons, and specialists standing in a group smiling

This may be the most important choice you ever make.

Finding the right sports hernia doctor, surgeon, or specialist should be the number one thing on your mind once confirm your symptoms.

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While there is one single reported case report of non-surgical intervention working to relieve symptoms in a professional athlete, the medical evidence on surgery is pretty clear: the vast majority (95%) of people will require surgery it if you expect to truly get rid of your debilitating groin pain.

Luckily, a sports hernia specialist can help determine whether you will require an operation by performing a physical examination while using an ultrasound machine to provide an accurate and reliable diagnosis.

If you don’t see your location on the list, please contact us and we will add approved specialists in your area within 24 hours.

Sports Hernia Doctors, Surgeons, and Specialists by State

If you are looking for a sports hernia doctor to perform your surgery, you will likely want to expand your search to your entire state. This will allow you to have the most amount of options when choosing from the list of different specialists.

Top Sports Hernia Surgeons, Doctors, and Specialists by City

If you live in a larger city or don’t want to look beyond your local area, finding an expert sports hernia surgeon in your immediate area may be possible.

Very Best Sports Hernia Specialists, Doctors, and Surgeons

If you don’t care about distance or costs and simply want the best of the best, you can rest assured that your sports hernia surgery will be a success–enhancing your chances of a full recovery dramatically.