diagram showing the pain location for a sports hernia, answering the questions, what does a sports hernia feel like?

When you start to experience pain in your groin and lower abdominal area, one question immediately comes to mind: what does a sports hernia feel like and do I have one?

Before you jump to any conclusions, it is important to review the groin pain symptoms list and make sure you don’t have a much less serious injury.

While there are several specific sports hernia symptoms, there is one tell-tale sign that likely means you need to begin rehab as soon as possible.

You will need to conduct the pubic probe method, but this can be done easily from the comfort of your own home.

While sitting down on the edge of a chair, digitally probe (poke yourself) with your finger around your pubic ramus—the crown of your pubic bone.

If you experience sharp, almost paralyzing pain, you most likely have the injury. For a more step-by-step guide into conducting the test from home, our video provides more details.

To receive additional confirmation, it is recommended that you visit a specialist who is specifically trained in treating this injury. If you go to a general doctor or physician, you run the chance of receiving improper care as traditional treatment methods such as rest, ice, and compression are not long-term solutions and can even make things worse as time before actual treatment increases.

What Does a Sports Hernia Feel Like if Left Untreated?

If you do not begin the treatment program quickly after diagnosis, your chances of recovering without the use of surgery decrease dramatically. Based on a case report published in the IJSPT, a quick diagnosis followed immediately by rehabilitation using the 10-week treatment plan is believed to be the biggest factor in a full and speedy recovery. Bottom line: start treatment asap.

In some rare cases, individuals may develop a double case of the injury where it spreads to both sides. This is not common and usually only happens when it goes untreated for months or years at a time.