Sermorelin for Weight Loss: Does It Work? How Long To See Results?

Weight Loss & Diets | Written by Nathan Petitpas | Updated on 5 July 2024

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Anyone considering sermorelin for weight loss, also known as sermorelin acetate, should know that it’s a peptide that aids in boosting the body’s release of human growth hormone via the pituitary gland and should only be used under supervision of a healthcare professional.1

Peptides like sermorelin are short chains of amino acids that have a hand in metabolism and appetite, but since there’s not much research on their effectiveness and safety. However, there’s plenty of anecdotal evidence online that suggests it may be good for weight loss but deciding if it’s worthwhile or if another alternative such has human growth therapy (HGT) is better and/or safer.

So take glimpse into a few people’s journeys of using sermorelin treatment, view their before and after sermorelin results, and get science backed answers to the questions of does it work and how long results can take.

What Are the Benefits of Sermorelin for Weight Loss? (Sermorelin Benefits)

The human growth hormone (HGH) found naturally in the body functions to provide muscle development and regenerates cells. Though many people now use sermorelin for aiding weight loss, sermorelin therapy was initially used for both children and adults who had growth deficiencies or developmental delays.2

It’s primarily used in young children who have poor growth rates, but when the body’s natural growth hormones start to slow down (often around age 30), people may notice:

  • Anxiety
  • Baldness
  • Brain Fog
  • Brittle Fingernails & Toenails
  • Confusion
  • Decreased Muscle Mass
  • Depression
  • Fatigue
  • Insomnia
  • Joint Pain & Stiffness
  • Loss of Skin Elasticity
  • Lower Libido
  • More Body Fat
  • Muscle Weakness
  • Slower Wound Healing
  • Temperature Sensitivity
  • Thinning Hair

Due to these symptoms of less natural HGH production, some adults choose to turn to sermorelin as a better approach to management of adult-onset growth hormone insufficiency and to stimulate more natural HGH production from the pituitary gland.3

Although many artificial HGH products and treatments are available, sermorelin is not one of these; rather, it’s a natural peptide that stimulates the body to release more of its natural growth hormone.

Sermorelin, ipamorelin, and vitamin B are all similar treatments that can elevate the body up to par when it struggles to naturally keep up.

With certain therapies including sermorelin and ipamorelin, the goal is often to reduce body fat and increase lean muscle mass, among other benefits; vitamin B treatments are administered through a similar process and are identical to many sermorelin benefits including boosting energy levels, aiding in wound healing, treating anxiety, and improving overall well-being.

Those wondering how does sermorelin work must look no further: sermorelin injections for weight loss are administered subcutaneously and are recommended to be injected into the thigh or stomach areas where the body has more fat.

However, when it comes to sermorelin, weight loss is far from the only benefit–in fact, sermorelin seems to help the body defy aging.

Sermorelin peptide benefits are abundant and include the following:

  • Weight Loss: As people age, fat takes more time and effort to burn off as metabolism slows and the naturally occurring HGH decreases. Sermorelin increases the pituitary gland’s HGH production and not only slows but reverses this process, aiding in fat reduction and helping the body keep more fat off.
  • Be sure to integrate any sermorelin treatment into a healthy lifestyle, clean diet and regular exercise for best results.
  • Increases Energy Levels: With the increased production of natural growth hormone comes increased energy levels, allowing one to be more productive and not get fatigued as quickly as usual.
  • Heightens Endurance: With increased energy also comes enhanced stamina, enabling individuals engaged in PHUL hypertrophy training to complete more reps during their deadlift workouts or run an additional mile in their training sessions before reaching their limits.
  • Improves Immune System: An intriguing correlation exists between healthy HGH levels and a stronger immune system; this may be because the thymus, responsible for T cell production (white blood cells that prevent the body from infection), is healthier when the body has sufficient growth hormone levels.
  • Aids in Wound Healing: When the immune system is running at full capacity, wounds are able to heal faster and more fully, so HGH levels that elevate the immune system’s health also expedite healing–all thanks to sermorelin.
  • Boosts Mental Clarity: The peptide sermorelin may increase mental clarity as regular treatments can lead to better cognitive function, lowered stress levels, and greater mental clarity.
  • Increases Lean Body Mass: Due to sermorelin’s capability to burn fat stores and prevent the body from loading more fat on, lean muscle results, which in turn burns even more fat. This is, in part, why sermorelin is so effective in weight loss.
  • Heightens Libido: With restoration of usual human growth hormone levels often comes an increased sex drive; the overall improvement in how good the body feels and the general boost to well-being and energy can help too.
  • Boosts Skin Elasticity: Sermorelin can help the skin look drastically younger with its ability to increase skin elasticity, anti-wrinkle effects, clarity and youthfulness.
  • Decreases Anxiety & Depression: Sermorelin aids in lowering anxiety and depression as well as decreasing the severity and frequency of mood swings–likely because of the increased energy and mental acuity brought about by sermorelin treatments.
  • Reduces Joint Pain & Stiffness: Since sermorelin reduces body fat and may decrease inflammation, there is less strain on the body’s joints, allowing for more pain free days. Relatedly, sermorelin has been proven to decrease the symptoms of osteoporosis.
  • Increases Strength: For individuals contemplating a starting strength routine or engaging in powerlifting programs, understanding that sermorelin enhances strength is crucial, especially when combined with rigorous lifting or training routines. Since sermorelin therapy increases muscle mass and can decrease recovery time, it could be a game changer for those looking to improve their strength and endurance.
  • Aids in Stronger Hair & Nails: Growth hormones aren’t limited to aiding in muscle growth; sermorelin’s ability to restore normal levels of naturally occurring HGH serves in rejuvenating the thickness and strength of one’s hair and nails–especially for those who have started noticing more brittle nails or thinning hair.
  • Expedites Recovery: With age comes a slowing of recovery from workouts, injuries, falls, or illnesses. Sermorelin therapy can play a helpful role in shortening recovery time and providing a more complete recovery.
  • Provides Better Sleep: Not only do general well being and reduced pain aid in more peaceful and restful sleep, but sermorelin injections have a side effect of making one drowsy, so it’s recommended to do treatments in the evening prior to bed for a great night’s sleep.
  • Restores Youthfulness: With sermorelin treatments restoring some of the HGH levels that were present in one’s youth, many of those benefits of youthfulness come with it: clear skin, a robust immune system, and general increases in energy, happiness, and wellbeing.

As with many peptides, there’s both benefits and risks so be sure to see the risks section below to understand the pros and the cons of sermorelin.

How Much Weight Can Be Lost With Sermorelin?

Those following weight loss diets are often curious about the potential weight loss results, and those exploring sermorelin are likely no different. Unfortunately there is no universal answer because weight loss can vary greatly depending on countless factors including starting weight, calories burned, activity level, genetics, eating habits, and more.

Another important factor is one’s frequency of use. Some recommend taking one dose (usually 0.2-0.3 mcg) each evening for a month, while others stand by a sermorelin cycle of 3-6 months being the most effective.

Furthermore, some don’t recommend taking any breaks whatsoever and adamantly argue that it’s safe to use year-round.

The amount of weight loss on sermorelin therapy can vary just as much as the differing views on its usage. The best advice we have to offer is to err on the side of starting slowly as one’s body adjusts and consulting a doctor to ensure proper use and dosages per person.

How Long To See Results From Sermorelin?

Understanding the interaction between growth hormone, athletic performance, and aging is crucial when considering treatments like Sermorelin. It’s common to inquire about the timeline for seeing results from Sermorelin and how long it takes for effects to manifest.4

Sermorelin’s effectiveness kicks in almost immediately in terms of health benefits and stimulation of the pituitary gland, but most people feel their body reacting within the first month or so, then begin seeing true results within 3-6 months.

A loose timeline follows, but keep in mind that this will always vary from person to person based on their normal hormone levels and many other factors.

Approximate Timeline of Sermorelin’s Weight Loss Effects
1st month
  • Better Sleep
  • Higher Endurance
  • Increased Energy
2nd month
  • Improved Skin Clarity
  • Healthier Hair
  • Higher Metabolism
  • Stronger Nails
3rd month
  • Better Performance
  • Heightened Mental Acuity
  • Improved Joint Health
  • Lessened Joint Pain
4th month
  • Better Skin Elasticity
  • Increased Weight Loss
  • More Muscle Mass
5th month
  • Better Skin Tone
  • Fewer Wrinkles
  • Fuller Hair
  • Belly Fat Reduction
6th month
  • Elevated Energy Levels
  • Increased Strength
  • Body Fat Reduction (5-10%)
  • More Lean Muscle Mass (Up to 10%)

Sermorelin Before and After Results and Pictures

For some extra motivation and insight into what sermorelin injections for weight loss can do, we have a few examples of sermorelin weight loss results to share. Here are three before-and-after results and pictures of individuals who chose peptides for weight loss like sermorelin to support their health and fitness goals.


Amber decided to give sermorelin a try and hasn’t looked back since; she lost over 30 lbs in under 6 months after starting sermorelin injections paired with semaglutide for weight management. She’s not only lost an impressive amount of weight, but now feels energized, has improved complexion, and is sleeping better.

A before-and-after comparison of amber's body, with the left picture displaying her wearing a gray bra and blue underwear with belly fat and the right picture showing her wearing gray underwear depicting a change in her body shape and a visible tattoo, after using sermorelin for body transformation

Source: @feelerconsulting from Instagram5

After being a former athlete and letting life get in the way of her health goals, Amber used sermorelin to support her on her health journey and improved her diet. Her goals for sermorelin were better rest and recovery and burning more fat and sermorelin has served her well.


Before starting sermorelin therapy to increase his HGH production, Derek regularly overindulged in junk food, drank alcohol, slept a lot, and noticed he easily became breathless.

Derek's body picture in a relaxed posture, with visible belly fat in the midsection, before he used sermorelin.

Source: u/Theenhancedman from Reddit6

Mirror selfie of derek's muscular body transformation after using sermorelin, with visible abs, toned chest, and biceps.

Source: u/Theenhancedman ong Reddit6

After beginning his use of sermorelin and TRT, Derek soon began to notice subtle changes that quickly became much more drastic and within 6 months his physique changed in shockingly impressive ways.

Derek said that he now has enough energy to work out for 1 hour 7 days per week and fuels his body with frequent small meals and plenty of fruit and vegetable servings each day instead of junk food and alcohol.

He watches out for hidden sugars and noted that he actually sleeps less now but much more deeply and restfully–so much so that he doesn’t even use an alarm clock anymore since his body is so attuned that his body clock does the job for him.

Note: These results may not be perfectly indicative of weight loss on sermorelin alone since Derek used TRT as well; the results are impressive regardless but be sure to have appropriate expectations if trying sermorelin therapy alone.


After mentioning that she didn’t realize she had gained some weight until seeing photos of herself, Regina started her own round of sermorelin treatments and decided to stick with it after both feeling better and liking how she looked more. With more energy and clearer skin, Regina said that she “couldn’t be happier” with her results.


Side-by-side comparison of Regina's body transformation after using sermorelin, with the left picture displaying her in a black dress showing her body before using the product, and the right picture showcasing her looking thinner in a white top with a scarf after using sermorelin.

Source: @feelerconsulting from Instagram5


Sermorelin Long Term Side Effects & Risks

Whether experimenting with peptides independently, in combination with other weight loss treatments or supplements, or alongside trending diets, it’s crucial to understand any potential risks involved. It’s wise to ask if any potential sermorelin long term side effects exist, but we are happy to report that any negative impacts are extremely rare.

Not only is sermorelin highly effective in comparison to other hormone replacement therapies–it also causes far fewer side effects due to it being used to boost natural HGH instead of putting synthetic HGH into the body.

Notably, most negative reactions (if any) happen right away and are due to skin irritation or allergic reactions at the injection site. These can include pain, redness, or swelling at the site or occasionally a rash or hives.

If anyone has swelling of the tongue or difficulty breathing they should seek medical help immediately.

Other side effects are rare as well but may include:

  • Dizziness
  • Drowsiness
  • Headache
  • Hives
  • Hyperactivity
  • Jitters
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting

Is Sermorelin for Weight Loss Worth It?

Although sermorelin may not be a good fit for everyone aiming for weightloss, overall it is healthy, has few negative health risks, and is very effective. Generally, sermorelin may be worth considering for healthy adults, however, only under the supervision of a healthcare professional. It’s always best to consult a physician before making any major adjustments to your diet, lifestyle, supplementations or adding in peptides such as sermorelin.

Sermorelin vs Tesamorelin–Which Is Better?

Between sermorelin vs tesamorelin, sermorelin is better for weight loss.7 Although tesamorelin injections serve a similar purpose and are used to help reduce belly fat, increase energy, and boost metabolism, our top choice is sermorelin due to having much fewer side effects and seeming to work more efficiently in most people.8

Tesamorelin not only has been shown to take up to 26 weeks to reduce body fat in any significant way, but it also has much more severe potential side effects including swelling, fluid retention, numbness, blood glucose fluctuations and increased joint pain.

Whether aiming for enhanced strength and lean muscle mass to elevate one’s powerlifting regimen or seeking additional benefits like weight loss, immune support, and increased energy, a clear winner for HGH-increasing peptides is sermorelin for weight loss and for general wellbeing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Sermorelin Have Anti-Aging Effects?

Those curious about HGH boosting peptides are likely wondering does sermorelin have anti-aging effects? Yes–not only does it increase vitality, but can also boost skin health, hair and nail strength, joint health, and even the immune system.

What Is the Best Time To Take Sermorelin for Weight Loss?

The best time to take sermorelin is prior to bedtime due to its drowsiness effect and because the body’s natural growth hormone is released during sleep; this is the best time for repair and recovery.

How Does Sermorelin Peptide Therapy Relate to TRT?

Sermorelin and TRT–testosterone replacement therapy–are both used for their reversing aging effects and increasing strength and muscle mass. While sermorelin is used to increase natural human growth hormones when they’re lacking, TRT works similarly to boost the body’s testosterone levels when deficient.

HCG vs HGH: Which Is Better for Weight Loss?

Let’s compare HCG vs HGH: which is better for weight loss? The clear winner is HCG because it has vastly more effective weight loss capabilities and is much better at boosting metabolism.

Sermorelin vs HGH: What’s the Difference and Which Is Best for Weight Loss?

Lastly, let’s compare sermorelin vs HGH: what’s the difference and which is best for weight loss? HGH is a synthetic version of the body’s growth hormone.

Since sermorelin stimulates the body’s ability to produce HGH naturally, sermorelin is the best option as we will always recommend natural over artificial when possible.


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