How To Lose Weight in 2 Days: Water Weight Trick + Long Term

Weight Loss & Diets | Written by Nathan Petitpas | Updated on 19 June 2024

A woman with a blonde ponytail, black sports top, and blue jeans is on the left measuring her waist with a pink tape measure; on the right, having successfully implemented a two-day weight loss strategy, the same woman is smiling, visibly pleased with her gradual and sustainable progress, evident from her jeans no longer fitting.

Figuring out ways to lose weight in 2 days can be a frustrating experience since every site says something different.9

The unfortunate truth is you can’t lose a noticeable amount of fat in 2 days but you can lose enough water weight to make it look as if you lost fat. No, really.

These proven water weight tricks have been used by professional athletes before weigh-ins so you can have faith it works.

While getting a thinner tummy for a special occasion such as a wedding, date, or beach outing is possible, the first methods here are not sustainable. Therefore, we also offer a detailed long-term strategy for losing even more weight after 2 days and keeping it off for good too.

Is Losing 2 Pounds a Day Achievable? Can Weight Loss Occur in 2 Days?

Before getting into ways to lose weight in 2 days, many are likely wondering if its possible to lose 2 pounds a day or if it’s possible to lose weight in 2 days.

Although weight loss, over-the-counter diet pills and marketing campaigns promise you can lose 10 pounds in 2 days guaranteed, this is extremely misleading, relies on extreme weight loss methods, and is very dangerous and inadvisable to attempt. Rather, it’s more realistic to lose 2-5 pounds in 2 days but even this is unsustainable in the long term.

A woman wearing a ring on her middle finger is measuring her waist with a tape measure.

Source: PublicDomainPictures from Pixabay6

Although key recommendations for weight loss advise that a healthier weight loss rate is about 1-2 pounds per week, it’s possible–and often desirable–to lose weight much more quickly.1

Weight loss tips for beginners including tracking calories, getting active, and avoiding liquid calories can all be useful, as can adhering to the 3 steps to lose weight such as making healthy lifestyle changes, being mindful of one’s diet, and regular exercise.

However, these are more suitable to long-term weight loss goals, so those trying to lose weight in just 2 days may need to try a different approach which is outlined below.

How Much Weight Can You Lose in 2 Days?

If contemplating how to lose belly fat overnight or ways to lose weight in 2 days, look no further as we have plenty of effective tips to put into action for urgent weight loss results. There’s no set answer to how much weight you can lose in 2 days, and we can’t in good conscience recommend trying to find out, but for the determined, perhaps 3-5 pounds is possible with our water weight tricks.

Ways To Lose Weight in 2 Days With This Water Weight Trick | How To Achieve Rapid Weight Loss for a Special Occasion

Many people, at some point in their lifetime, will realize they have a special occasion coming up sooner than expected and they aren’t quite at the level of fitness or weight goal they’d hoped to attain for this special event.

While frantically searching online for how to get skinny fast or even wedding diets (bride), we can assure you that we have plenty of safe and effective methods to make you slimmer in no time.

Many have likely heard of common short-term weight loss solutions like incorporating more exercise into their day or avoiding sugar, but we have a very effective, lesser known water weight trick that can help shed those final few stubborn pounds in mere days.

Our top recommended rapid weight loss method is powerlifting water cutting (loading water and cutting), which essentially calls for a considerable increase in water consumption for several consecutive days–this prompts the body to adapt to the excess water by increasing the frequency of urination to rid itself of the extra fluids.

If you’re not curious about the technicalities, simply skip to the next section below.

But to elaborate, the body wants constant homeostasis which is regulated by the natural antidiuretic hormone (ADH) when there’s too much or too little water in the body. When the body becomes dehydrated, ADH promotes water absorption into the cells for retaining and storing sufficient water.

On the other hand, when excess water is in the body, ADH functions to re-stabilize hydration levels by pushing water out of the cells, through the bloodstream and eventually the kidneys to be removed from the body in the form of urine. Once the body begins flushing the excess water, one should immediately cut back on water consumption.

Since the body’s ADH levels react on a delayed schedule, there won’t be much new water coming into the body and a lot of water will continue being excreted through frequent urination, leading to a drastic water cut and, in turn, rapid (water) weight loss.

Though water loading and cutting is likely the most effective method for losing weight in just days, we’ve compiled some other approaches to try as well.

Reduce Sodium Intake

A great method for ways to reduce waist size in 2 days is to lower sodium intake, as this has a similar impact on the body as reduction in water intake; when regular sodium levels are suddenly cut, a state of hyponatremia–a low concentration of sodium in the bloodstream–occurs and ADH is slowed, similarly to cutting water suddenly.

This has the same effect of causing frequent urination, leading to fast weight loss results.

Reduce Refined Carbs & Glycogen Stores

Glycogen is the stored form of glucose in the body and during exercise is broken down to release glucose for the muscles to convert into energy. Another helpful solution to lose weight overnight is to reduce refined carbs and these glycogen stores.

Refined carbs are highly processed, have a high glycemic index, and can rapidly spike blood sugar and leave one still feeling hungry.

Furthermore, since every single gram of glycogen needs at least 3 grams of water to be stored in the body, drastically decreasing these reserves by cutting carbs suddenly will release 3 times the amount of water, resulting in significant weight loss in very little time.

Try Diuretics

Using diuretics is often marketed as the fastest way to lose weight–they prompt the kidneys to release more sodium through frequent urination. This rids the body of not only sodium but water as well, decreasing overall fluids in the body.

Since this leads to frequent trips to the bathroom, they’re best suited for taking at home.

Hit the Sauna

If you are wondering if sitting in the sauna burn calories, a relaxing approach to losing weight in 2 days is to spend some time sweating out water weight in a sauna. However, since this leads to rapid dehydration paired with excessive heat, it should only be used for short-term rapid weight loss and one should watch closely for signs of dehydration such as headaches, nausea, dark urine, or brain fog.

Get Active and Burn Some Calories

Although it’s impossible to have a flat stomach or flatten tummy in 2 days, it’s certainly possible to get closer through physical exercise. Some of the most strenuous workouts that will burn the most calories and shed the most fat include running, biking, playing competitive sports, and resistance training.

Now that you know how to get rid of water weight in a short amount of time, it’s important to understand the best approach in replenishing these fluids. Then we’ll depict how to keep losing weight week over week so you’re less worried about losing weight in 2 days or less when that next event comes up.

How To Safely Replenish Sodium & Glycogen After Dropping Weight Quickly

It’s not safe to keep sodium and glycogen levels depleted long term, so let’s cover how to safely replenish both after a rapid weight cut. Glycogen is replenished by consuming carbohydrates, and a high carb diet (about 10g of carbs per kg of body weight per day) restores over 90% of muscle glycogen in merely a day.

The fewer carbs consumed, the lower glycogen levels will be so a high carb diet is advised until reserves are restored.

To safely replace sodium, pure organic coconut water, hydration electrolyte mixes, and even poultry can all safely replenish these levels and give a healthy dose of electrolytes for proper muscle function and hydration.

How To Continue Losing Weight After 2 Days (Methods of Long Term & Sustainable Weight Loss)

Many of the short term methods we’ve mentioned are unsustainable for long-term weight loss, but they could be combined (to less extremes) with the following long-term, sustainable weight loss methods that are safe, healthy and effective for keeping weight off.

Practice Psychological Discipline & Self Control

Determinants of weight loss are minorly associated with social environments and genetics, but primarily influenced by one’s behaviors and psychological discipline (self control) so slowly building habits of self control in health goals and in daily life can be very helpful, as can reading a book on cognitive behavioral discipline.2

This animation depicts a person wearing a white shirt and black pants with a loose fit, set against a green background.

Source: mohamed_hassan from Pixabay7

Maintain a Caloric Deficit

Many trending diets call for a significant caloric deficit and have dubbed it the best way to lose weight–and for good reason. If one is burning more calories than they’re consuming day to day, it’s impossible to gain weight.

Be careful not to be in too much of a deficit, but ensure that your calories burned outweigh calories consumed. Use an app such as Lose It or MyFitnessPal for easy tracking and always check nutrition labels and serving sizes.

If you’re not sure how many calories you should be eating, you may check out this calorie calculator to get an estimate.

Try out their suggestion for two weeks and if you lost weight, you’re on the right track. If not, cut calories by 100-200 for another two weeks.

Move More

A woman is running on a road surrounded by trees and lush green grass, wearing blue gym tights and white shoes.

Source: Daniel Reche from Pixabay8

A study on weight loss versus increasing fitness and physical activity for reducing health risks in obese patients has interestingly shown that regular physical activity lowers health risks much more than weight loss does, even in obese patients.3 Although these should be combined for best results, it shows the importance of being active.

Get outside or do some jumping jacks or take a brisk walk on your lunch break.

Increase Fiber & Protein

Be sure to increase fiber & protein consumption when trying to lose weight, as protein aids in preserving healthy muscle during weight loss which can help burn more fat.4 Fiber (especially soluble) aids in proper digestion as well as lowering blood pressure.

Increase Fruit & Vegetable Consumption To Keep Full

Fruit & vegetable consumption is needed in any healthy diet, but can be especially helpful in weight loss as most fruits and veggies are rich in the aforementioned fiber and protein–so much so that a comprehensive critical assessment of increased fruit and vegetable intake on weight loss in women ranked these foods as a chief contributor to weight loss in women, especially when paired with a low-fat diet.5

Researchers concluded that men would likely have the same results, but many of the men failed to maintain adherence to eating fruits and vegetables in the long-term to see real results.

Other self-explanatory yet vital weight loss tips include:

  • Lower Stress Levels
  • Take a Walk
  • Get Enough Sleep
  • Stay Hydrated
  • Drink Apple Cider Vinegar After Meals
  • Cut Empty Calories & Sugar Loaded Drinks
  • Sip Green Tea & Honey
  • Eat High Protein Foods
  • Try Your Water Warm
  • Eat Small Frequent Meals
  • Avoid Alcohol
  • Restrict Refined Sugars
  • Watch Out for Added Sugar

Why the Scale Doesn’t Matter & Why It’s Not Always Always Right

Many weight loss diets rely very heavily on body weight and checking the scale constantly, but we would like to share why the scale doesn’t matter and why it should not be the final say for anyone.

Scales can be surprisingly inaccurate with a margin of error of up to a shocking 5% due to improper calibration, uneven surface, debris, or low battery power. If someone relies too heavily on the scale for a sense of achievement or self-confidence, the variation of the scale can cause unnecessary discouragement and insecurity.

Furthermore, many of the rapid weight loss methods we mentioned above (sodium, carbs, glycogen, and water weight) can have impacts on weight fluctuation from day to day, as can fluctuations in gastrointestinal contents.

With each of these variables constantly changing, hormones influencing weight loss and gain, and the significant margin of error of the scale, it can be not only misleading but extremely discouraging to focus too much on the number on the scale.

Instead, tracking one’s trending weight over time or going by weekly averages will not only make the fluctuations obsolete, but provide more accuracy and might take away some of the insecurity that can come from daily weigh-ins.

Check out the app MacroFactor for overall trends and remember that mental health is just as important as physical so if weighing daily is detrimental for your mindset, try once or twice a week and track overall trends.

If even that is too stressful, ditch the scale altogether and focus on whatever motivates you and makes you feel proud of how far you’ve come, whether that be progress photos, clothes fitting differently now, or tracking measurements.

Although long-term weight loss is better on one’s body and more sustainable over time, we understand that sometimes you need those extra few pounds gone before a big event. Therefore, we’ve given some tips on achieving weight loss in 2 days as well as other strategies to integrate for sustained and healthy weight loss over time.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Can You Lose Weight in 2 Days Without Exercising?

Those interested in losing weight in 2 days without exercising could try reducing their refined carb and sodium intake, try diuretics, load up on fruits and vegetables, and spend some time sweating off water weight in the sauna.

Is It Safe To Lose a Pound per Day?

Although it’s possible to lose a pound per day on a very short time scale, it’s certainly not recommended for the long-term nor safe. It may be okay to lose a pound per day over just a few days before a big event or occasion, but long-term weight loss journeys are for distributing weight loss over time.

What Are the Best Ways To Get Skinny Fast? How To Shed Weight Very Fast in 2 Days?

The best ways to get skinny fast for those wondering how to shed weight very fast in 2 days for a special event or wedding are advised to try doing a few ab workouts to burn more fat while at rest, eating small frequent meals, and avoiding refined sugars, sodas, and alcohol.

Can You Get a Flattened Stomach in Just 2 Days?

Attaining a flattened stomach in 2 days is highly unlikely unless one already has a quite flattened stomach, but healthy progress towards weight loss goals can certainly be made in a couple of days.

What Is a Sustainable Rate of Weight Loss?

Though many websites and companies advise that 1-2 pounds of weight loss each week is best, an even better or more universal metric for a sustainable rate of weight loss is to shoot for 1% of total body weight loss per week, as the 1% accounts for all body types and starting points whereas the 1-2 pounds per week does not as well.

Which Individual Contributing Factors Aid or Slow Weight Loss?

Some contributing factors that can expedite or slow weight loss from person to person are their habits, demographics, and social and physical environments; however, studies have shown that the most prominent factors for sustained weight loss are one’s behaviors and their self control.

How Can I Preserve Lean Muscle Mass While Extreme Dieting?

Preserving lean muscle while participating in rapid weight loss or extreme dieting is best done through resistance and strength training combined with cardio for total body muscle activation.

Which Is Better: Cardio vs Resistance Training vs High Intensity Interval Training for Weight Loss?

Regular cardio and physical exercise are good in the long-term and for overall health, but won’t cut it for extreme or rapid weight loss–resistance training or high intensity interval training (HIIT) routines are better suited for quick weight loss goals and can also be incorporated with cardio into longer term weight loss programs for meeting sustained weight loss and fitness goals.


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