Barista Spills the Coffee Beans on Keto “Low Carb” Starbucks Drinks

Nutrition | Written by Jon Chambers | Updated on 7 January 2022

Starbucks barista stands with hands at hips after spilling keto low carb coffee drink on herself

In a post that is about to make a lot of people sad and happy at the same time, one Starbucks barista exposed the truth about “low carb” Starbucks drinks.

Right up front, she makes it clear: Frappuccino’s can’t be made in accordance with keto. If whole milk is swapped for heavy cream and sweetener for sugar free vanilla, you are still consuming half a cup of heavy cream and over 40 grams of carbs for the frap base which is a thick emulsifying sugary syrup.

If ever unsure of where heavy cream was used in your drink, always ask. You can also tell because the cream will leave a trace of undissolved pieces that disappear when stirred. If the color seems to be too dark that can also be a warning sign.

Unfortunately, many who visit the popular coffee chain don’t realize this. The barista tells of a story of an older woman who gulped down a Frappuccino next to the register before claiming she was on a low-card, high-fat diet.

Instead, if you absolutely must have an espresso drink, she says to get an iced Americano with a light amount of heavy cream. Then you can simply add any sugar free syrup you desire.

All iced coffee and tea comes sweetened as outlined in the official recipe. On the flip side, cold brew coffees do not. In either case, always ask for the unsweetened versions and then use the sugar free syrup of your choice:

  • Sugar free vanilla
  • Sugar free cinnamon dolce (mixing this and vanilla is especially delicious)
  • Skinny mocha sauce

All stores should have a designated team member to help answer any additional nutritional questions you may have.

While “keto” Starbucks coffee and drinks may seem unnecessary to some, a large amount of people regularly get their coffee or tea fix at the infamous café. And for those who are on a ketogains beginner or intermediate program it may even be beneficial as brand new research shows coffee may help to enhance and increase the metabolism of glucose and muscle glycogen (sugars).

Keto will continue to grow in popularity as a high-effective nutritional plan for a wide range of individuals–and that doesn’t have to mean giving up the drinks we love!

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