Elite powerlifter Vlad Alkhazov squats 1,175 pounds (532.5 kg) to set the new squat world record
Is he even human?

In one of the craziest powerlifting training videos posted this year, elite powerlifter Vlad Alhazov squatted 532.5kg, or 1,171.5 pounds…wearing just knee wraps and a belt.

To put that into perspective, he held over half a ton of weight on his back without the use of a squat suit. That’s not strong–it’s ridiculous.

Currently, the raw world record for squats with knee wraps is 500kg (1102) pounds—lifted by Vlad on the 22nd of July last year.

Markos Markopoulos, one of his training partners, is helping to spread the word on Facebook:

“Here it is, the most shocking training vid you’ll see. Ignore the lack of calibrated plates, yes, it might be an inch high. This is Vlad Alhazov with 532.5kg. Not a typo. Enjoy.”

Vlad’s new number puts him just 42.5 kg (93.5 pounds) behind Jonas Rantanen who currently holds the 3-ply world record at 575kg (1268 pounds).

If the weight he lifted wasn’t impressive enough, the fact that he did it after a knee replacement makes insane. He suffered the traumatic knee injury while attempting to squat 1,300 pounds (fully equipped) while training at Westside Barbell and following their powerlifting programs.

If his knee wasn’t replaced with a hydraulic press, you can be sure—Vlad is one freakishly strong powerlifter.