doctor realizes the sports hernia complications are caused by inserting mesh during surgery

Sports hernia complications can turn the already painful injury into a nightmare. Luckily, once you are knowledgeable about the possible issues, you can better avoid them and ensure you have a higher chance of success when it comes to healing.

While there aren’t many things to worry about before surgery, it is critical to get a speedy diagnosis. Reports published in the International Sports Physical Therapy Journal point to the fact that almost all successful recoveries are based on the fact that the patients were able to pinpoint the cause down to a sports hernia within days after getting hurt.

That also means individuals who start treatment immediately have a much higher rate of reaching 100% freedom from pain.

The second thing to worry about is developing a double sports hernia. This can happen because you fail to receive a proper diagnosis for months or several years, allowing the injury to spread to both sides as the “stronger” side eventually wears down from being forced to overcompensate.

In our report covering the price of surgery, we also go over two difference types of operations:

  • Mesh
  • Minimal repair technique

At the bottom of the article we list several complications, and almost all of them revolve around getting mesh.

If you avoid putting the foreign web-like material in your body and are able to find a skilled specialist, you will save yourself months or even years of pain and headache.

Sports Hernia Surgery Complications List

Mentioned above, almost all sports hernia complications are going to come from getting a mesh-style operation. The first two can occur before, however.

  • Failure to receive a proper diagnosis in time, leading to a double sports hernia
  • Failure to start the treatment plan immediately after injury, reducing chances of a full recovery dramatically
  • Entrapment of the genital branch of the genitofemoral nerve caused by insertion of mesh
  • Mesh hardens over time, leading to stiffness and inflexibility (in rare cases can puncture bladder or bowels)
  • Infections from placing a foreign material (mesh) inside your body

Now that you know what to avoid, your chances at success are dramatically improved!