Powerlifting Website Leader Taken Into Custody As Pictures Leak to Authorities

News | Written by Jon Chambers | Updated on 27 December 2021

Head member of Powerlifting Watch, Johnny Vasquez, has now been arrested for possessing inappropriate photos of minors, ABC News confirms.

Johnny is one of the leaders of powerliftingwatch.com which is known throughout the powerlifting industry as one of the oldest websites, publishing mostly records and notable lifts from meets. Some users on Reddit claim that he is the owner of the site, but that has been unverified.

Police said Juan was taken into custody at his home around 1 a.m. in the morning on Wednesday. Police also said the crime happened at his home.

David Bates, the supposed owner of powerlifting watch, released a statement this morning in an attempt to create distance between Johnny and the rest of his team.

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