Best Sports Hernia Surgeons: Number 1 Thing to Look For

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Once you have successfully diagnosed your sports hernia, the number one thing on your mind should be finding the best sports hernia surgeons possible to choose from.

But before you do that, it is recommended that you attempt sports hernia treatment without surgery. There are documented cases of non-surgical treatment relieving pain long-term. However, if you have reached week 6 of the 10-week sports hernia treatment plan and still have not experienced a drop in your pain levels, it is time to move forward with selecting a surgeon.

Beyond a shadow of a doubt, there is one specific thing you should consider when selecting a doctor.

The best sports hernia surgeons utilize the minimal repair technique and avoid using mesh.

As we explained thoroughly in our sports hernia surgery cost guide, mesh is not the preferred solution because it can harden over time, fuse to nerve endings, and reduce elasticity in the groin area. While there are reported cases of success, many patients suffer lifelong pain from using mesh.

Almost all of the sports hernia complications revolve around putting the foreign material where it shouldn’t be—in your groin. This is because the area requires full elasticity and mobility of the abdominal wall. When you place hardened mesh inside your body, it restricts this much-needed movement.

The Best Sports Hernia Surgeons Utilize the Minimal Repair Technique

On the flip side, the best sports hernia surgeons follow the minimal repair technique which was developed by German Doctor Ulrike Muschaweck who heads the Hernia Center in Munich.

By using tension-free sutures instead, tension is relieved along the pubic bone allowing the inguinal ligament pain (the true sports hernia pain location) to finally experience relief.

In a review of over 2,000 patients who underwent surgery using the minimal repair approach, only three were unable to receive lasting pain relief. Put another way, that is a 99.9% success rate.

By making sure to find a doctor who is trained in this procedure, your chances of a full recovery will increase dramatically. It is also worth noting that, while general doctors and physicians can help to rule out more serious groin pain issues, they are not skilled at treating this specific injury—take their advice with a grain of salt and find a surgeon who knows what they are doing.

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