Sports Hernia Abdominal Pain: Common or Signs of a Serious Problem?

Sports Hernia Physical Therapy | Written by Jon Chambers | Updated on 29 December 2021

man with sports hernia abdominal pain tenses in pain as he uses his arms for support

Sports hernia abdominal pain is no joke. As if the normal associated groin pain wasn’t bad already, it can oftentimes spread to the abdominal muscles. This pain is often made worse by movement—running and any direct ab exercises are a one-way ticket to excruciating discomfort.

But is this a sign of things getting worse?

Not at all—discomfort in this area is common for a sports hernia.

This is because of how and where the injury develops. The inner abdominal wall is actually what breaks down and develops tears—not your groin. While this causes throbbing around the pubic bone, it can also be felt in the lower abs or even inner thigh.

What Should You Do If You Feel Sports Hernia Abdominal Pain?

As soon as you confirm your diagnosis, you should act quickly—the longer you wait, the less your chances of a full recovery.

Once you have begun the rehabilitation, there is good news and bad news.

The good news is that there are proven cases where recovery without surgery was possible. These people used rehabilitation to fully return to post-injury levels.

The bad news is that it often comes down to your personal diagnosis—if you are able to pinpoint the cause of your symptoms and act quickly, you can have a fighting chance at healing without requiring the help of a doctor.

If you find that you are still experiencing the same sports hernia abdominal pain after attempting to rehab, however, it’s time to move forward and pull the trigger on a specialist. Once you move forward and take that step, you will be so much closer to a full recovery and a pain free life.

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