Psoas Muscle Pain Massage You Can Feel in Seconds

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red and tender area requiring a psoas muscle pain massage

The long and fibrous muscle is notorious for causing pain when it gets tight, inhibited, and shortened. However, with the correct technique a psoas muscle pain massage can be extremely effective at not only relieving pain symptoms, but helping to cure chronic muscle tightness long term.

Before moving forward, it must be admitted that the psoas cure is the most efficient and best way to end pain in less than an hour. However, if you don’t wish to use it the massage technique can be used to provide psoas pain relief as well.

To complete the massage, you will need two common physical therapy devices: the lacrosse ball and the foam roller.

Both of these can be found and had for very cheap and are an absolute lifesaver for tight areas and pain associated with muscles and other soft tissues. The rumble roller is an extremely powerful version of the normal foam roller and is recommended for an intense massage.

How to Perform the Psoas Muscle Pain Massage

Once you have the devices, you will need to begin by lying down and placing the foam roller in the crease of your hip. Roll up and down while rotating back and forth on the foam roller. When you are done, use the roller on the outside of your hip as well and then on your glutes.

As you come to a tight spot while rolling, slow down and let the full weight of your body push against the tension and tightness. Focus on your breath as your body relaxes and the tension alleviates. It could take a few seconds or several minutes depending on how tight and inhibited your body is.

Next up is the lacrosse ball, which is more challenging and applies more of a pin-point pressure massage. Use it in the same areas as the foam roller.

While the quick fix will relieve your pain in seconds, these massage techniques are a powerful alternative that can help to alleviate pressure from your psoas, finally allowing you to walk and live pain free.

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