Top 10 Exercises

Top 10 Exercises To Reach Your Fitness Plans

Top 10 Exercises To Get Results In The Gym
With The Right Exercises, You Will Supercharge Your Results In The Gym

There’s a problem with how most people approach working out. They go to the gym, walk around a lot, pick some machines, do some curls, and leave. That’s why those same people also never look any different. I’m sure there are friends of yours that have been “lifting weights” for several years. If they aren’t radically different, they’re probably doing what I just described above.

I’m here to save you from that. The worst part about it, is that people will often give up after not seeing results. You’re not going to end up like that.

Whether you’re just getting started or have been lifting for a while, I can guarantee you that the following movements are the best possible exercises you could be doing. Why?

  1. They are compound movements. This means that multiple muscle groups get involved. Clearly, this is a good thing if you are trying to build as much muscle as possible.
  2. They elicit large hormonal responses. This is somewhat of an advanced concept, but I will give you the bare bones of what you need to know. In short, whenever your body is exposed to stress (in this case, the weights you’re lifting) it will produce hormones. What we care about is testosterone and natural human growth hormones. By doing the following exercises, you’re going to get more of both—lots of gains.
  3. They are functional. When you think about it, a curl or cable fly is a highly unnatural movement. When did our ancestors ever need to curl 135 pounds? Exactly. Instead, they were interacting with their environment in the most efficient and meaningful ways possible. We’re going to model our actions after them and perform exercises that will promote overall mobility and health.

I could keep going, but these are three factors providing a measure of exercise usefulness.

At this point you’re probably read for the exercises. When performing these, it is absolutely critical that you use proper form at all times. Focus on progressing each workout–that could mean more sets, repetitions, or weight.

  1. Back Squats
  2. Deadlifts
  3. Front Squats
  4. Pull-ups
  5. Barbell Rows
  6. Dips
  7. Bench Press
  8. Overhead Press
  9. Rack Pulls
  10. Power Cleans

When performing these movements, it is important to use proper programming–specifically, you need to ensure that you properly plan the 3 training variables. With consistency and intelligent programming, your results will massively improve.