Hi and thanks for clicking the about page to learn more about me, Physiqz Gym, and the awesome things we hope to accomplish!

First off, my name is Jon Chambers. I am the founder of Physiqz Gym and website. I have been lifting consistently for almost 7 years at this point, and compete in the USAPL powerlifting federation. My next competition is this July–the Southwest Regional Championship.

Our gym is located in the Summerlin Suburb of Las Vegas, Nevada. It is completely free! Just send me a message from our contact page and tell me you’d like to come check it out. Why is it free? The whole point of the gym is to facilitate a more elite gym for anyone in the Vegas area. I haven’t found any other gyms in the area like this, and simply want to spread the love of hard training with other like-minded people!

The Physiqz Mission

Welcome to a new movement. This was born out of a new idea. This is about taking charge and dominating your health, athleticism, and fitness.

There’s something distinct about this. Followers of this movement know the way; we’re on our way to greatness. Every day is a new opportunity. Every new moment is a chance to take control of your life and build something that will last.

That’s the beauty of this lifestyle. It’s constructive. It’s positive. It’s empowering. And, most of all, it builds upon itself. Every day you become better than the last.

This isn’t just about fitness, a nice 6 pack, and biceps of steel. This is about looking in the mirror and understanding the gravity of your choices. Taking action today will create a better tomorrow. At any given point in time you are making a decision on how to use your time.

Are you taking advantage of it? Every powerful and successful person recognizes that the only  truly priceless resource is time. Money will come and go. Yet, time on this earth is finite. There’s no time to waste.

You’re here. Good. Now it’s time to step up and develop a sense of urgency. Many will begin this journey to fall by the wayside a few weeks later when they realize this actually requires work.

Stand strong. You have the opportunity today to maximize your potential. You’ve just been introduced to possibly the most powerful concept that you will ever take advantage of.

Do you want confidence? It’s here. Do you want to see the power of hard work towards a goal? This is it. The advice to beginners is always the same: stick with it for at least three months and you’ll be hooked. Watching your body completely transform before your eyes is beyond motivating. It’s addicting.

Reaching that point is a milestone. It’s the point where you realize the clear and deep connection between the mental convictions you hold and your physical environment.

You now have a choice to make. You can join the movement, or you can continue to accept mediocrity and “just getting by.”

Be warned: this isn’t for the faint of heart. Members of this do not tread lightly. Taking the world by storm isn’t a slogan or a motto, it’s a lifestyle.

The final choice is yours, but if you decide that you demand more from yourself, this is it.

If so, you just made possibly the most empowering decision of your life. Personal growth in every aspect is now a given. Success is now expected. Every day becomes about creating as much value as possible; that value will translate into results on every playing field.

As you can see, this movement is about more than just looking good or remaining strong and athletic. We don’t take excuses. We don’t put up with wasted opportunities. We don’t want to hear why you couldn’t make it happen.

The resources on this site are designed to arm and empower you with the knowledge, skills, and items necessary to succeed. If it’s on this site, there’s a reason for it.

This is a community effort and we’re glad you’ve decided to come along with us. Enjoy your stay and never hesitate to reach out to us. We love your feedback and want to hear your questions.

Welcome to the winning team.