Las Vegas Powerlifting Gym: Physiqz Training Center

Physiqz Gym
Physiqz Gym

Summerlin Powerlifting Gym Located In The Western Las Vegas Valley

Welcome to the home of Physiqz powerlifting gym in Las Vegas!

Located in the heart of Summerlin just 15 minutes from the strip at the intersection of Charleston and Haulapai, our specialty gym caters to elite lifters as well as novice trainees looking to accelerate their progress.

We specialize in all forms of strength athletics, including:

  • Bodybuilders
  • Powerlifters
  • Strongmen
  • Fitness Professionals
  • YouTubers Looking For A Gym While Traveling
Physiqz Gym Squat Rack
Squatting Area

Las Vegas Powerlifting Gym Features

  • Squat Rack
  • Olympic Bench
  • Adjustable Dummbells Up To 130 Pounds
  • Rogue Ohio Barbell For Olympic Weightlifting And Functional Fitness (not those cheap, slippery poles of metal Las Vegas Athletic Club has lying around)
We Actually Have GOOD Barbells, Unlike All Of The Local Vegas Gyms
We Actually Have GOOD Barbells, Unlike All Of The Local Vegas Gyms
  • Texas Power Bar For Powerlifting
  • Adjustable Bench
  • Chalk IS Allowed, And We Have Blocks Of It
Physiqz Gym Chalkness Monster
Chalk Of Champions
  • Lots Of Bumper Plates
  • Awesome Music
  • Free Water & Gatorade
  • And Most Importantly, Other Strength Athletes!

The best part?

It’s absolutely free.

If you’re a powerlifter, bodybuilder, figure girl, olympic weightlifter, strongman, or just someone who loves to train hard, you’re welcome in our gym and we would love to have you join our family of Las Vegas lifters.

Because of the lack of cost, it is invite only; to gain access please head over to our contact page and reach out to us there. Within 6 hours our staff will reach out with your access information.

Looking For A Personal Trainer In Las Vegas?

Physiqz gym has you covered!

Sessions are done by one of our trained strength athletes specializing in powerlifting as well as bodybuilding.

Just a few accolades by our coaches:

  • USAPL Nationally-Ranked Powerlifters
  • Trained Athletes & Led Sessions For The Army West Point Powerlifting Team
  • Training Plans Backed By Intelligent Programming: Periodization, Volume Control, & Adaptive Resistance

In addition to providing a boutique training environment, we also offer additional training services, most notably 1-on-1 sessions that allow us to work directly with anyone serious about lifting weights.

There are plenty of so-called “trainers” that are happy to take your money at LVAC or 24 Hour Fitness; one look at them is usually enough to show they either have no clue what they’re talking about, or don’t live a healthy and strong lifestyle themselves. Would you go to a dentist with yellow teeth? Probably not, and the same holds true when considering who to pick for a fitness guide.

We only take clients who are serious about making a change in their life. If you are only “half-decided” on making a change to a more fit life, this is not the right place. If you are committed and ready to see massive results, however, please head over to our contact form and reach out to us with more information about yourself so we can arrange a Skype call to see if we can help you meet your fitness goals!